lambs to the slaughter

After watching a program on TV this evening its left laughing at the state of the naivety of the human race, let me explain. there is a program called 'kill it, cook it, eat it' being shown on bbc3 and this looks at animals we eat every day being filmed taken to the slaughter house and killed live on TV, then the carcuses are cut up and served for a select audience to eat.
the audience is a mixed bunch of meat eaters, veggies, animal rights activists and farmers. the program basically shows the public how the meat gets to the supermarket counter from the farm. now i think this is great as it educates the consumers and im all up for a bit of education, however what really got my goat (mind the pun) was the absolute severe state of naivety of these people. the reaction of seeing a goat being slaughtered is not a pritty sight but to sit there by choice a spout all kinds of rediculous comments like its inhumane and barbaric is complete tosh where did these people think their meat came from?? how do they think meat is produced do they think its comes from magical machine that nicely puts the animal to sleep with a smile and softly removes its skin and gently cuts it into perfect bite size pieces.
then to top this off you get a meat eater and some dumb ass farmer who says after seeing the process that after 30 or so years of eating meat they can no longer buy or consume it knowing that the animal has been killed in this way. where have they been i ask you please some explain to me why the human race has suddenly become aware, since the dawn of time when man first walked the earth we have eaten meat so why have the the human race now become aware of the fact that to eat meat we have to kill animals.

Time flys when you work for a living

Merry Christmas, happy new year and any other celebration i may have missed since my last entry way back in July. i really only remembered about my little blog the other day when a friend shared his blog with me and after a day or two of compiling some sort of thought to enter i have finally sat down to write something.
well if i look back over the year that has past so fast it has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. i feel that 2007 has been the most life changing and productive year of my life so far. At 26 that may not mean a lot to some people but after thinking about it iv graduated university completing a degree in education, moved in with my partner, gone on holiday (twice), secured a permanent position in a school and started my 4 year count down until i hit the 30.

so iv talked about the graduation and things are still no better with the old man, who is as usual away for Christmas and new year because "its awkward" . i have also mentioned moving in with my partner, bliss!! and guess what no one steals my juice!!
as for our holiday, well i took my first holiday for four years, well first holiday that i can just sit in the sun and drink for a week. absolute bliss. when i was younger we use to go on our holidays in and around England. my dad would pack up the huge tent that we had and rent a car for the week (we didn't have a car until i was about 11 years old). using roof racks and trailers we would pack all our gear and the five of us would climb into the tiny polo and hit the motorway. our holidays we either in a tent or a huge static caravan and only having one holiday abroad with my family before my parent divorced my fondest memories have been holidays in England.
traveling would usually take a good few hours on the motorway and if we were lucky would stop off for a motorway lunch which unlike today would be a treat.
after my last holiday with my parents abroad there would be a long gap before i would go away again and after that i ensured that i would go away at least once a year. but when i decided to go to uni that all changed as money was in very short supply so holidays went on the back burner.
after graduation my partner and i decided to book a holiday and Greece would be our destination, i looked forward to our week away just to get some sun and to spend time with my partner away from all people that know us its nice to be just two now and then.
now i grew up at such places like Haven and Butlins, holiday camps with over excited people wanting you to take part in some sort of race or event (i have been known to take part in these now shameful events and there is photo evidence but that will not be published) if you think Hidi Hi style then your somewhere close to what I'm talking about.
things change and going abroad has become cheaper and even more popular, the Brit crowd hitting the med like a dose of crabs. a beautiful part of the world with so much history has been invaded by piss heads and large commercial bars . masses of horny under aged chavs wanting to get pissed, laid, sick and off their tits on anything they can find while giving Great Britain and even worse reputation with no real excuse.
and while my partner and i lay in the sun ipods on full wack, i watched and suddenly realised that the holiday camps of my youth had not died but just got on a plane and moved abroad bringing with it the the stereo typical Brit family dressed in football shirts, kids screaming and dads doing the okie kokie and for the fourth time that day i tell the entertainment staff that i do not want to do water aerobics or volley ball.