ere get orf our land !!

the picture above (supplied by this blog) is the view from the roundabout in my home town looking up towards the busy market high street. the roundabout marks the centre of leek where all the major roads come in and it is iconic with the locals and regular visitors as a meeting point and as it stands in front of the Nicholson War memorial it pays a major part in the remembrance day parades. this part of the town has a lot of memories for me as it was where we would meet up hang about and buy our under aged booze from the offy across the road. anyway it seems that now that our little market town has gone up market and is in the middle of a large development funded by bloody Sainsbury’s the roundabout has to go for some bloody traffic lights. Not to worry though if this mottle crew has anything to do with it, i just hope it gets to stay as a lot of my little town is starting to disappear.

bend over for jobs

this week saw the launch of ipad2. (that word has just made millions of fan boys piss themselves in an instant) anyway, conversations with my students this week seems to show that even this new release doesn’t have our regular young folk excited. what’s the real point of this piece of technology? what is its real need apart from making a skip full of cash for the tragic Steve jobs. i have always believed and taught that good design is something that has real function with the least complication, and this in many eyes fails this criteria. the new one has a camera! wow. it is thinner and lighter! wow. it has a fancy cover that also acts as a stand! wow, actually wow that is pretty good i like the simplicity of the stand. but more to the point where was this a couple of years ago? so as you all run out this weekend to order or collect your ipad make sure you drop by the pharmacy to pick up some ky jelly.