Idle Minds

Today is the first day with nothing work orientated to do since i finished my job, i found it hard to find anything useful to do. Tenbellies went out shopping, i had a few little things to do but the motivation has been very low. I have even found it hard to browse on the net !!

There is pretty much balls all on the TV and not that it works anyway, since everything has turn digital over here it now seems as though if you get a bit of rain it just fucks it up. Living in the UK we get a lot of rain so the TV stays off.

For my non UK visitors we have digital TV here and if you dont pay for the service from provider such as Sky or BT like me, and use a free view box you pretty much get nothing to watch. When it first came out you got a healthy 30 or so channels but it looks like the bugs in the system (more like another way of getting money out of us) are starting to show and now I struggle to get more than 6.

Last night I watched with much amusement as Tenbellies messed with the aerial plug to try and get the signal so she could watch Sex and the City, and it reminded me of the old portable TV's with the dodgy aerial on top.

Anyway this all makes me feel better about not paying my TV license with clear justification, so Johnathan Ross aint get my money when I cant even watch him. Im sure when the inspectors come knocking ill invite them in, sit them down with a cuppa and turn the TV on to the absolute nothing that I get.

Never mind i have a Millennium Falcon to build.

Oh yeah, today marks the 1 year anniversary of our gay, Scottish Prime Minister Gordon 'i love the' Brown, well done fatty you can sit back tonight and look back on your year and say "i did well there". Hahaha im sure Tony is having a little chuckle to himself.

Jokes aside id give up if i were you and face it you are shit.

Taste and Spit

For those that didn't know I have another blog that i occasionally write, its all about wine and its me trying to sound like i know what I'm talking about.
The link is on my page, check it out from time to time if you like a drop of plonk.

New Beginning

Its a late post but Monday i finished my job, packed all my stuff and handed back my Apple Mac (really gutted about that, loved that laptop). The hardest part of the day was without doubt saying good bye to my kiddies. I know that your not supposed to get attached but they were my first class and I saw alot in them so even though I sucked it up and held it in it was a struggle not to cry. 27 of the little ones and im the one holding back the tears. sad i know.
But anyway after some treats and a DVD we had a great laugh and then we said goodbye. I took one last look at the work we had done throughout the year and left my classroom.

Today i applied for four new jobs, the beginning of my new start, im excited and ready to go. Not before our holiday mind, San Francisco here we come.

The Path to Happiness

The end of a week and the end of a very difficult year. Today i formally resigned, something that i had been thinking about for a few months or maybe and honestly since taking the position this time last year.
Temptation is a very dangerous thing in all contexts, but for me it was to jump into my profession running, accepting a position that i had doubted and lacked confidence in but yet the thought of security and a good salary persuaded me to take my eye of what i really wanted. As a result i found myself nearly losing everything i had worked for.
I always work very hard at anything that i do but its incredible how the sub conscious mind works when deep down inside you really want something different, it can take control and you find yourself holding back and maybe not doing all that you can because your heart is not in it. As a Teacher this can not happen and unfortunately it happened to me.
So today i told my colleagues that to rescue my career and give me back control of what i want to do in an area that excites me i would have to leave, this being an extremely difficult decision and an emotional one at that, but the right one and as i sit here i feel sad that on Monday i have to say goodbye to my kids.
Its been hard, i felt ashamed, scared, incompetent, a failure, sadness and a let down, but slowly i am starting to calm and right now a certain excitement at the thought of something new and very right.This feeling of relief feels wrong but i can now pursue what i set out to do and this kind of passion can only lead me onto the true path to happiness.
I am blessed that my personal life is very happy with great friends and family but most of all my partner (Tenbelllies) who dealing with a stressful time as well supports me through what is happening and brings out the positive in what could be seen as a very negative situation.
So tomorrow i take my first step as i apply for two new jobs only the difference this time is that my hands are steady and i can feel my confidence coming back.

Count Down

I received this picture of Mount Whitney today as i will be passing this when i make my way to Las Vegas this summer from SF.
I sat here tonight and never wanted time to move so quickly as i have 50 more days before me and tenbellies head out on our summer travels.
Its starting to wind down, tenbellies has finished her placement this week and hands in her final essay tomorrow, thank F**K and maybe we can get back to some kind of reality. It been like passing in the morning and night for the both of us lately with work and her placement. I can honestly say im looking forward to some monkey and tenbelly time.

A reason why woman should not drive.

This may be harsh as tenbellies drives me places all the time, however i hate Geri Halliwell she is just a meff!!
What gets me about this video is before she has even got in the car she is making excuses, like its time of the month.
And as for her new manager what a kiss ass, get a fucking backbone and 1.55 is not a fast time for the top gear track its shit!! so tell her.

Back to Work

Back to work this week and very busy so i will post to tomorrow, as i am brimming with fuel unlike the our petrol stations!!!
But here is a taster;

Whitehall officials may be routinely taking top secret defence documents home, what??!! No wonder this country is going up the spout when these tit's are taking
top secret defence documents to read on the shitter at home.

Tiffany Hirst, 3, a court was told yesterday how passers-by used to see the gaunt face of the toddler staring through the window of her mother’s squalid flat. We live in such a caring country!!

A teacher who stripped in front of a class of teenagers has suffered the humiliation of seeing a video of the incident posted on YouTube. Hahahah that's the wrong kind of raise you dumb bitch!!

Beavers have built a dam in England for the first time in 800 years. The two-year-old pair were brought from Europe last year and given a large enclosure next to a river. Bloody hell we even have to get our beavers from Europe to do the building! Before you know it they will all be coming over, you watch.

Marvelous Marvel

Earlier in the year i posted that i was starting to collect Bronze age comics, Battlestar Galactica was me chosen tittle as i had just finished watching the current TV series.
This was filling a gap why i waited for the final series to finish so i could download and watch it in one (im a geek i know), so i started to search the Internet for the 23 editions of the marvel comic book.
Today i took the final delivery for my collection and i now have a complete series which i have to say, im very proud of. Im currently reading through the comics which considering that these were written just before i was born are in great shape and very funny, from the comics you can honestly see how things have changed.

So what now? Do they get shut away? .... Well yes, when i finish reading them i will display the spare first edition i have and carefully pack them away and like a fine wine watch them mature and gain value.

And now to the dismay of Ten bellies iv started to look for the Star Wars Marvel comics, after watching the 1 to 6 in the past 3 days i can feel the force pulling me towards them.

Unbelievable - Family of stabbed schoolgirl warned police about 'stalker'

I posted yesterday about a 15 year old girl that was murdered in her apartment block, today its come to light that the police had been notified by her parents that the man in custody and the possible killer had been harassing her.
The family had made complaints and yet the police could do nothing, well until now that is. Now that the man has committed a crime they can do something.
I was under the impression that any man over the age of 18 and in his case 30 who harasses and minor would be classed as a considerable risk.

Every Child Matter ......... Does it fuck!!!!!

The blood is on the police hands.

Knife Culture

The count has reached 16 teenage deaths this year all through Knife related crimes. Today a 15 year old girl was stabbed getting into a lift in her apartment block in London. the girl a Somalian,had been stabbed 10 times and left to die.
Im sure this count will continue and more than likely beat last years count of 27 murders, knife culture is rife right now in Britain but i feel its far from slowing.

Can anyone see the similarity in the victims???

Ditch ya wellies its festival time

I heard on the radio today that more and more of the British public are starting to go abroad for the music festivals. Although i think this is very sad i can seriously see the sense in it, we have the bad weather all year round and the prices of tickets and booze is a complete joke.
I have wanted to go to Glastonbury for many years but have stopped myself every year because i felt it ridiculous in spending all that money only to live in mud for a weekend and not actually see the bands i paid for.
Call me a bore all you want but when it comes to Glastonbury ditching proper bands for the sake of gangster rap headlining id rather stay at home.

Problems at the Pumps???

what on gods earth is this Scottish retarded haggis eating closet homo Brown doing every day???
please someone tell me what is his job???

I went to the petrol station today, a regular thing that i do on a Sunday to fill the tank for the weeks commuting. Now, myself and tenbellies have one car between us and its a little 1 litre car that beyond belief is the best car i have driven. It use to be that we were safe in the knowledge that having and small engine car, we would always be able to top up the tanks.
We often take long trips where this little car comes into its own and petrol is never a problem, however today i put £20 in the tank to top it up only to find that it was more than shy from full. Petrol is at an all time high and reading that only now our so wise PM starts talking about increasing our oil production only to come in effect next year!?

How much more are we going to pay before its to much. The knock on effect can only be disaster.The reality is sinking in that this country is totally and utterly FUCKED, we are in for some real tight times where prices everywhere go up, credit will cripple many and house prices will drop so hard the effect will be devastating.
Society will start to buckle as the BRITISH public are already starting to get sick of being used to pay for others and are still being pushed out of there roots to make room for yet another mosque.
I see riots, high crime, petrol stations being robbed, strikes, racial hate attacks, religious extremist attacks and a whole lot more. Britain is not going to be a nice place over next couple of years, we have had it to good for to long and now its payback. Thanks Labour.
I leave you with this from an article i read today;

For a long time Britain and its institutions have been suffering a loss of nerve and will that amounts to a national moral funk. We have let standards fall in almost everything. From the lies and finaglings about expenses in the House of Commons, to the failures of standards in schools and hospitals, from the sleazy behaviour of public figures such as John Prescott and Cherie Blair to the vomiting of drunken girls on streets, from the sordid confessions of chat shows to the public humiliation of Big Brother, something has collapsed.

Our government’s unwillingness to look after our armed services is a startling example of this. Our soldiers have been sent into danger without proper body armour, with dodgy planes and inadequate tanks, and third-rate treatment in Third World hospitals at home if they are wounded. This is terrifying decadence: for if we lack the will to defend ourselves, or rather to defend those who are there to defend us, we are showing to the world’s beasts of prey the soft underbelly of decadence.

God save Britannia because no one else will!