Chevrolet HHR

Alot of people back home in the UK have this things about American cars, they are too big, slow, drink too much fuels and generally don't go round corners. However we have been to the US a few times now and every car we have had or been in has been more than if not better than the cars in the British market. We have mostly been driving around in whats probably the largest SUV's on the American market the Ford Exhibition. this has taken a family of 8 around California and further for the past 4 weeks with no problems at all and sitting right in the very back is just as comfy as the front. However my praise has to go to the Chevy HHR, this stylish station wagon has taken me and Mrs Monkey and plenty of long drives up and down and around California with trips to Vegas to boot and although its not as luxurious as the Ford its sure left a craving impression on me. just hope with the growing market of Chevy's in the UK they decide to bring this beauty over.


yosemite falls by monqey
The Picture above is of Bridelveil Fall in theYosemite Valley. Mrs Monkey and i took the long drive back to Walnut Creek from our Honeymoon in Malibu, up the through 178 on to the 395 passing by the sierrras and then acrosss west on the 120 through Yosemite. An epic drive it was and even though we only had a couple of hours in yosemite ( no where near enough time to experience the beauty of yosemite) we got to see sights that will stick in our memories forever. This is such a beautiful country and so very large it kind of upsets me knowing that i will never see all of it in my life time but i will do my very best in seeing the most possible.

Mr and Mrs Monkey

Wooo whooo its been fun and very hectic but we finally did it and on the 10th of August 2011 Tenbellies became Mrs Monkey and made me the happiest man on the planet. After getting all the family and a few special friends out to Sin City we tied the knot and celebrated in style. As a new major part of my life begins I'm blessed with great family, awesome friends and a beautiful amazing wife.
cheers "clink clink" people.....

That's the champagne glasses not the links on my ball and chain.

The Detail Above

The Detail Above by monqey
The Detail Above, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

A trip to San Francisco today, the weather was really good for the city as it can sometimes be a little nippy. I got a little camera happy as i just love looking at all the side streets and the hills as there is always something to look at. The girls enjoyed the shopping where i just enjoyed looking up at the parts of the city that most people walk by unnoticed every day. A beautiful city even with its tramps. i will be going back a couple more times before we leave.