Never Forget

i have tried to not to post much about the Obomber/ McCain race but its in the final stretch and we will soon see the new president of the United States of America. Its undeniable that who ever becomes the big man it will effect the world in some sort of way, may be good but most likely in a bad way. This job holds so much responsibility not only to America but the world. This is why there has been some discussion has to who should get to vote. Anyway the fact is it lies with the American people and in that we have to trust they will make the right decision.

Where would my vote go? well anyone that knows me or my blog will know the answer. But its not my choice. America has a huge black population and a massive guilt for the way America and the world has treated black people, so any black person heading for the white house will get the black vote despite their background and name. But then after the mess little Dubya has made, why would you hold much hope for another Republican?

A few years ago i came home from work and sat in my mothers living room, the TV was on in the background and while my mother was moaning at the fact that i had my car sound system laid out on the floor creating a mess everything suddenly went silent. What i saw, what everyone saw that day was sight of complete shock and horror. Indescribable sights that took my breath away but brought to the whole world a new age of terrorism. The months and years that past saw action from the people and organisations to ensure the safety and freedom of you and i, and the words "never forget" were imprinted on every ones minds.

Its a shame that people cant see the elephant sitting in the corner but then whats the point when the world is a zoo.

And so i turn to a great man for a advice and wisdom and he nails it in one line,

"Why do you think they call it the White House?"

Dr Gregory House MD

Lets hope he is right, for all our souls.

MI5 not 9 to 5

Its that time of year again and my favourite and only BBC program is on TV. Yes Spooks is back, i have watched this from the beginning thrilled with every episode and finding it never failing to surprise and edge me off my seat.

Yesterday started the new series with a follow on episode tonight. I was happy from the get go when it showed a British soldier tell some muslim fanatic to kiss his ass and later they all got a good hiding by the security service. Muslims are the bad guys with the occasional dirty politician thrown in for good measure. Good old fashioned British intelligence saves the day, god bless Sir Harry Pearce.

Where is the punch line??

There has always been an issue of how far comedians go to make a joke, offensive, bigitory and lewd jokes always cause a stir. I mean i love all the old comedians like Roy Chubby Brown, Jethro, Billy Connelly and Les Dawson are some of my favourites. However it comes to something when an over paid, over rated long haired floosy (Jonathan Ross) humiliates a 72 year old comedy genius on live Radio for a cheap laugh. Moreso who gave Russell Brand a slot on Radio 2 anyway?

Say a prayer to St Jude

Changing jobs has been a slow process, leaving my previous position abruptly before summer didn't help in preparing myself and so the past few months i have been looking for work and trying to rebuild my confidence.

Friday Monkey had an interview and despite not getting the job made it to the final three but lost it to an older more qualified and experienced person. I was surprised on how this made me feel as i came away feeling great and a little part of that confidence came back. So i have decided to try something a little different and go for a job that i can build. I have never seemed to have done thing in the right order, always going my own way and so this could be something more suited for me, the money would be less than I'm use to but should this be an issue? We would all like to be paid alot of money for the things we enjoy but then that is not always the case. And being the generation of me, me, me and now, now, now maybe its time for a different perspective. Who knows what will happen or if its even possible, but maybe by the end of the week there will be some clarity.

So as few of my friends have said over the past week, " say a prayer to St Jude".

Sing You Infidel!

The latest from our mad Muslim brothers in the east is that they have issued a fatwa on the X Factor, its a far cry from the past Fatwa's like the one issued against Salmon Rushdie years back. No this time our Ex pat Omar Bakri is a little upset that Simon Cowells attempt to to look like a stand up guy and give back to our troops.

If truth be known I'm really wouldn't mind the end of this reality filth that pollutes my Saturday nights TV, so go ahead fatwa away.

Get the sen a trade lad!

Its been rather a fast week all in all. I have applied for two jobs, one of which i kind of really would like the other is more of a temporary thing. Although i did find out that a friend of mine will be going for the same job which as caused some mixed feeling and anxiety about whether or not ill get a call back. Anyway its a waiting game and I'm quite patient.

This week iv been mostly been turning my hand to all things, Art, Textile Design and Product Design to name but a few, but one of the high lights of my week was getting to do some metal work. Its been a long time since iv had an opportunity to use my skills and i was surprised how much i still have them, which reminds me of something my Grandad use to say. "Get the sen a trade lad, to fall back on when times are grim". And he was right because despite the degree it may well be the Engineering trade that will secure my next post.

Good ode Aub, always looking over me.

Like sweet Apple Pie

As yesterday was not bad concerning weather i took the lawn mover out for a spin, this was one of my many jobs done on the Sabbath. While in the garden i admired the harvest of pears this year as previous had been nil, there were also a few apples left but the harvest had been poor due to the CRAP weather. Anyway i collected up what was left and made me a pie. This was the first pie i had ever made and to be fair after just eating a hot slice just now i felt quite proud of my little effort. Tenbellies loved it although there is a need for more sugar to the apple/pear mix and less salt in the crust. There is something very satisfying about watching your fruit grow and then making a delight out of your efforts. The next attempt will be at the weekend where i may let Thud and family OTW sample a bit, after all there his trees.

Never Underestimate

I found this article while drinking my morning coffee and thought to myself that it says alot about every thing that is going on in our country and the world at the minute. Things are very unpredictable and you should never underestimate the small weaker guy.

Very philosophical for a Sunday morning.

Knob Jockey

Well it looks like the repercussions of Gordon Brown's wise decision to use Terrorist laws against Iceland may have started to backfired already. Because of the collapses in Iceland, Gordon completely abused his power by freezing all monies using TERRORIST laws, and now it looks like the bid to get 48 day detention period for actual terrorist in our country will be thrown out of the house of lords. Is it any wonder? How much money did he have in Iceland?

Over the water Sarah Palin is getting slaughtered for her miss use of power, but really when you look at the grand scale of things what she did was completely justified and very small compared to what our Prime Minister has done. Iceland has the right to be pissed, i hold my head in shame and embarrassment to be British.

Smokey and the Bandit

I watched a great fill tonight, an old favourite that reminds me of when i was a little younger for different reasons. Smokey and the Bandit was made back in 1977 before our screen were restricted by political correctness. This film when first shown had it all but if watched today on TV its dubbed and poorly cut so not to offend, basically the film has been carved up and the only real way to watch it would be to buy the DVD. It was a time when men were men and woman..... well woman were woman. Anyway the star of the film for me was not Burt Reynolds or the recently deceased Jerry Reed but Jackie Gleeson aka Sheriff Bufford T Justice. This guy has to be the king on the one liners.

My favourite from the original film was this;

Bufford T Justice; There is no way that you came from my loins, son when we get home the first thing I'm gonna do is smack your momma in the mouth!

Check out tthis vid its worth a watch for some of his best bits.

Brown's Downfall

Had to put this on the blog, courtesy of Andi at This world is boldly going nowhere. Enjoy.

Autumn Sun

Iv become a commuter, travelling to work in a morning hitting the motorway, but i don't mind not on days like today when the autumn sun is low in the sky and it looks like the frost is not that far away.

9 to 5

The past few weeks have been hard as i still look for work and boredom sets in making it difficult to use my time constructively. My posts have been thin and time spent on the net as been over shadowed by time watching films and various other programs.

But this week it all changed as i stated a temporary job in a college and new jobs begin to be advertised, after three days i seem to have settled in well and this has kick started my motivation in many ways, maybe even looking at different career paths. Things could be looking up.