I need More Power Admiral

The past year I have gone through three, yes three power adapters for my Laptop. This problem is starting get annoying as this week another bites the dust and this silly F***er lost the recipe and is unable to take it back. I’m lost for words (well almost) and my frustration inside is getting to the point where I want to throw the Laptop through the window.

So I guess I have to look for yet another one GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr. DAMN IT!!!!

Professional F**k ups

Even while in school I had a job and worked for my money so that I would never have to ask, so when leaving school I went to college and studied to get a job that would pay me well through my teens. I bought a car, I had two in that time, I paid rent to my mother and got pissed on my own money. Then the time came to go to university, I had paid taxes for them best part of 5 years and thought that this justified leeching of the state. Even in uni I had several jobs until I got my degree and up to now I have had two jobs in my profession. All of this, all of my work and experience and I struggle to break £25,000.00 a year But if I knew then what I know now I would have surely got pissed and done the deed with my first girlfriend at 13.
To say that society is broken is a fair comment but what do you expect when our NuLabour Government spends hundreds of billions a year pulling fat cat bankers out of the shit then tops the bill by promoting a better life for those that don’t work and get pregnant at 13.
£30,000.00 a year is the wage for two children whose combined age is 28. It’s ridiculous and yet Nulabour still believe sex education in primary school is a good idea, I wonder is it cross curricular with mathematics?
update; if this story couldn't get any worse, this young lady at the age of 15 is already stacking up her conquests. It seems the baby face father may not be, as this council estate slapper has slept with two other Little boys at around the same time. Her parents must be so proud, to sell your shammed story to the scummy Sun and to find that your little girl puts it about at the age of 15.

Its Charity folks!

After all the controversy surrounding the appeals for Gaza, the so called peaceful protests and the BBC refusing to show the appeals on the TV things didn’t look good. But hey you get the second rate celebrities that vowed to never appear the BBC again and things start to look up; I wonder what they think now that the convoy of 1 million pounds worth aid had to be stopped because it was harboring Terrorists.
I chuckle away, im having such a lovely week.

Snow way!

The country is in turmoil as this strange cold stuff falls from the sky; its effects have been devastating as people have been stuck in their homes scared to go out. Warnings have been broadcasted throughout the channels oh my goodness the world is ending.
Yes its snow and I for one welcome this beautiful weather, I love it so much I get such a sense of calm from watching the snow fall leaving a thick clean white blanket over the ugliness. It’s just a shame that when I leave for work its dark and when I got back it was dark otherwise I would have better photos, but you get the gist.