True Colours

two words.....shit house!!

They speak of trust

When i saw the images of Clara Stokes it brought back some not so nice memories of a couple of years back. It’s not so unusual to see that the elderly are neglected and stripped of dignity when they have to go to hospital. My experiences of nurses and the NHS in the past have been nothing to boast about; they stripped both my grandparents of their dignity, repeatedly left them in their own mess and on occasion spoke to them like the dirt they forgot to clean up. The caring and respectful manner was a rarity and it left me quite bitter towards the staff. It was only when my gran left hospital and went to a private nursing home that she regained her dignity a month later she died. But i know that the real people to blame in this is the two faced lying cretin Gordon Brown and his labour party it was them that failed my gran and Clara and thousands of elderly out there that showed more love for this country than they ever will. My heart goes out the Clara’s family and I’m glad they published those picture as i feel its gone on for to long and maybe when they talk about putting trust back into the government they should start thinking about putting something back into the NHS....preferably English speaking well qualified respectful staff.

happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges day one and all, i wish all those that have the decentcy to show that they are proud to be english a wonderful day and good health and to those that dont...get some balls.
I hope that one of the three crettins running for the big seat can try and give the english some recognition in the future but i fear that is to much to ask...ah well. i may go slay a beast.

Eyjafjallajoekull volcano

The past 12 months we have been hit by floods, snow storms and now volcanoes and i find it interesting how we deal with the actions of mother earth. I’m no tree hugger thud will back me up on that one but i do love this world we live in, not so much the people or the cities we live in but the actual natural earth and how it exists. A lot of people seem to forget that it was here first and it is us who exist within it and for those who believe our actions effect how the earth takes each day you really think a lot of the human race. You see we get lost in our technology and ambition that when this planet decides to flex its muscles it can shut us down within in the blink of an eye. And its that that i find so impressive, i don’t moan when there is several foot of snow outside i stand back and look in amazement at how pure the earth can make our grotty streets with a little frozen water and when a volcano decides to erupt it seems ironic that it clears the skies by filling it with thick ash. Its a funny beautiful world we live in.

what colour is your tie

Tonight the leaders of the three main political parties will take part in a live debate on TV. Hopefully this will give them a chance to talk about what they want to do for us and less about how nice they are or trendy and hip with the kids they think they are (ghuurrgh blughhh) thats the sound of me throwing up at the sign of bummer brown kissing a baby. (ghuurrgh blughhh). This attempt to bring a new interest to the election and maybe re-connect with the youth and none voters have been taken from the US where they have been doing this for years. Personally my thoughts are that its a little late in day to try and introduce youth to politics, you see when ask our future about the election they have no clue , no idea of politics and certainly no interest. So maybe its time to educate our future, so that they don’t make mistakes and have real choice in how their country is run.


well gordie the bummer wore pink!!??

cameron and brownie battled it out while cleg kept his cool.

brown found something funny all the way through the 90 minute fracus.

cameron continusly used his late son as a simpathy tactic.

Brownie blamed a change in tactics from the taliban for the failiure to equip the forces.

and i came out a little confused as to who i dislike the most.

Oh Dear old Dear

We all know that we can choose our friends but unfortunately we cant choose our family, in some cases it can be harder for some than others as there is always a “black Sheep” should i say or even a awkward in-law. By summer next year i will acquire my very own in-laws when i get married but seeing as Mrs P is as easy going as she seems I’m pretty sure i won’t be leaving her waiting in the car park like this married couple. It did make me giggle though as I’m sure there are many out there that would. .;)