Jack Frost

We really haven't had much winter weather so far and coming from the sticks and living in the city, you kind of miss that fresh cold crisp weather. While growing up we almost certainly had snow at this time of year and many of my Friends would often had to leave school early because of being snowed in. But snow is a rarity in the city and the weather has been rather warm and disappointing. However I'm lucky that tenbellies and i live very close to the park and on passing it yesterday morning i stopped to take in the awesome frost that had covered everything in sight. I do miss the country and thought of really cold weather in winter but i suppose Sefton Park will have to do for now.

Well and Truly

What a great couple of days, not only has this been one the better Christmas's but maybe the last of its kind. But I'm happy that its finished in this way, loads of food plenty of drink and laughter, friends and family young and old full and festive. Now i sit shattered, exhausted but completely satisfied and while i watch nasty Nick say hes sorry to Dot for the umpteen time, I think its time we make our own Christmas next year, maybe further a field who knows.

Merry Crimbo

Just when i thought it was time to relax, i wake up. Today started off with such promise but from messing with faulty Laptop leads and idiot agency bums id had enough by half twelve and wanted to go back to bed waking up next year. But with a stroke of perseverance we got through the hell that are the days leading up to Christmas and i now sit relaxed from some mega mince pie baking looking forward to the festivities.

So from Monkey to all i wish you a festive holiday and a very Merry Christmas. Lets break out the Vino!!

Would you?

Money is tight at the moment and with Christmas already here its even tighter, but at what point do people give in to taking charity. I found this video on Presurfers site and it got me thinking, if someone offered you money in the street, no strings attached would you take it? and is this Charity?

One last laugh

A shoe???

Bless you!!

But there is one thing, where was his security staff?

Dont mess with the postie, he's packin heat!

Could our police service be any more retarded??? The answer to this question lies in this article. But to be fair some of the blame should go to the gun supplier.

So the next time you wonder how these kids are getting hold of guns on the street, you know the answer. I'm hoping for a bazooka the next time the postie knocks.

A step too far

The last time i checked it was illegal to commit suicide in the UK, an rightly so. But tonight a Sky channel will show a film of a University professor committing suicide in a Switzerland Death Center.

Craig Ewert, 59, will be filmed has his wife watches him switch off his life support unit and take an over dose of lethal drugs. Why would anyone be entertained by this or get any benefit from watching a grown man take his life. I understand the reasons for doing this, quality of life and all that but really is this a step too far? I just hope that this sort of thing doesn't reach our TV channels.

Half Man Half Biscuit

Just had to put these on the blog, what a great little band and and some great tunes too. More may follow.

Its that time of year again

Well its coming and fast upon us, Christmas is within a few weeks and its sure to bring merry times as well as the most awkward stressful situation that it usually brings. I have had a few weeks off from the blog for one reason or another but I'm back now to update you on the life and thoughts of Monkey.

Those who know me and my bog will know that this time of year is never the best time for me, it holds nothing but stress and arguments. Families try to hard to please everyone and in the mean time upset everyone and as long as i can remember now Christmas as always been filled with this. Blahhh Humbug!!

But no the grey haze is lifting and i think monkey is on his way to having a very merry Christmas. Yes, as the years pass since moving away from home i have become less involved with family rucks and dilemmas and choose to be in the company of those that make me happy, and this year I'm feeling especially merry. With work going extremely well , working with people that actually give a dam about the people they work with. It really has made a difference, iv even made some mince pies to take into work.