Think before you speak!

“I was sat at my desk when there was a knock at the door, stood there was a young lad gesturing for me to come closer. I asked what was wrong and i couldn’t understand a word the boy was saying, it was a sort of noise a deaf person makes when they talk, i knew he wasn’t deaf so i thought he was foreign. After a minute or so of him making these noises and gesturing a little more anxiously i called for security because, well i didn’t know what he was doing or who he was, suddenly the two security guards come rushing through the doors and took the boy out side. Later that day i found out that he was trying to tell me he was about to have some sort of epileptic fit and he had one once the guards took him outside. He couldn’t talk because he had previously suffered a stroke after an attack. It just goes to show you never know do you..”

This was the personal experience of the head of equality and diversity after she overheard a conversation between myself and a tutor about a student with epilepsy. We sat in shock and watched the tumble weed roll through the office. I think this is a prime example of not thinking before you open your gob.

Headlands School and Community Science College

Headlands School and Community Science College is probably a place that you would swerve like dog shit on the path, why?? Well in the past 3 years it has had to get rid of 5 members of staff for having sexual relationships with students under 15. Yes that’s 5 members of staff!!! Now three of these have been jailed and rightly so but the question you have to ask is how stupid do the teachers have to be to become so familiar with students when previous staff have been jailed for their familiarity? Retarded?
Does this school advertise for pedos? No parent in their right mind would send their child there, and they want to start sex education earlier in schools...hmmm good one.
Oh and Ed Balls is a wanker.

cheese anyone?

I find most sports rather boring and pointless, i do like to watch the occasional football match but if I’m honest it’s not that entertaining and it’s just a bunch of overpaid tossers chasing a pig’s bladder. F1 has been boring for years, now that everyone got safety conscious and started to add countless rules and regulations. Rugby is starting to go down the same line as football. Cricket, i just don’t get and if everyone else was truly honest they would admit they don’t get it ether. Tennis we are just plain shit at. Snooker zzzzzzzzzzzzz. The result of this has seen alot of people following alternative sports, sports that were not so popular and ignored. The x games has become massive over the past few years and now it looks like the same is happening to Cheese Rolling, this annual event is held in Gloucester (makes sense) and the aim is to run down the treacherous 1:2 gradient hillside in pursuit of bouncing 7lb Double Gloucester cheeses, obviously. Like most man sports injuries are a certainty and I’m sure you get to keep your prize if you catch it, not like these sports where you have pass the trophy each year. But its new popularity has been its downfall... as the venue can’t cope with the crowds and now the event has been cancelled due to elf n safety.

If the crappy sports got their act together then people may start watching them again and the cheese rolling maybe resumed.

The Hurt Locker

to refer to a previous post i just watched The Hurt Locker, great film and well Worth its 6 Oscars. No bullshit just good film without the CGI fakery. well worth the watch.

I also watched 4 episodes of 24, its great being ill....sniff sniff

Labours Education

Everyone has a right to an education this i firmly believe, is suppose i would have to in the line of work i am in but i also believe that we are always going to need people to do the jobs where an higher education is not needed. Labour have always tried to make university available to everyone who wanted it, making it more accessible and bullying universities into making entrance requirements more achievable to all students. I know this because i was one of those that took advantages of this and took an alternative path to uni rather than your regular A level route. But the back lash of this is that students who are mislead into believing they can cope at degree level, go to university, run up depts and leave without completing the degree. And what then? Well they struggle to find work and as one paper put it they become the coffee shop generation working for minimum wage when they could have used the time and money to build an achievable realistic career. You see, students believe that just going to university entitles you a job but the thing that labour has done has only made degrees less prestigious and ten a penny. Apprenticeships has been something i strongly believe in, and being part of one is something I’m very proud of, on the job training is what needs to be pushed. So when i sit and help a students write their Personnel Statement to a university in the hope that they will get accepted on to an architecture course, only to find that they continually spell, woz, fink and achetecture oh and “hate maffs cuz i cant do it” would i be wrong in thinking that maybe university isn’t right for them, because i know if were to say it i would be the one being judged.

Oh and she got onto the architecture course.......good at personnel statements me!
Oh and Ed Balls is a Wanker

And the winner is...

The past year has been alive with the chat of Avatar and the ever growing budget that this film has had, the technical break through that it has made and the a new step into film making. The story quite simple is about the west invasion on a peaceful race (hmm reeeaalllyyy) the moral book as surly been bashed here to the max and very anti American. But as last night has proven nothing is a dead cert and the only Oscars it was able to pick up was for how pretty the film looked. $300m the film cost to make and has grossed $700m to date but short lived as it’s already been overshadowed by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on its opening weekend. A lover of film i find a good story is the most important ingredient to a film without the this bread just wont rise, i have no intention of giving Cameron any of may cash or my bandwidth at that point........losing out to his ex wife that spent just $15m how gutted must he be?

Gardening Time

I have spent the past month or so working at Thuds new house, painting, gardening and general mucking about with Thud. Yesterday as Thud has already posted we planted a good 150 hawthorn and various other little plants in what was great day for being outside. As we dug holes all afternoon laughing at the weight of dew hanging off our noses and trying desperately to protect our little plants from those pesky bunnies eyeing them up from the undergrowth. We eventually stood back looked at our achievement and it started to dawn just how big a job its going to be working the outdoors (smiling). Aw well its going to be fun seeing the city drain away as the green fields and poo smell takes a grip... next weekend some pruning and making a start on the veggies......Is Thud going eco??

Auto-erotic asphyxiation

When Jan Moir wrote for the daily mail on Stephen Gately’s death it was criticised and caused up roar among the gay community and liberal lefties. How could someone suggest that the death of a young healthy gay man found dead in his holiday apartment with his husband in the bedroom with another gay man and him on the sofa be construed as being sordid or related to his death? After all he was a respected artist, and loved by a nation...hmmm And sadly on Monday morning Kristian Digby was found dead in the house we watched him build on TV, a young healthy gay man with a successful career found dead in his home after Auto-erotic this normal? Maybe Jan Moir had a point.

life means life!!

to hear that there is consideration to weather the Yorkshire ripper (peter Sutcliffe) will get a parole hearing is not just shocking but complete idiocy. if the labour government wastes tax payer’s money to make a hearing so then it really is time for them to go. i was born in the year that the Yorkshire ripper was caught and convicted of 11 murders, now reaching 30 i will never understand the devastation he caused but i know that he should never be released and in my eyes he should have been hung 28 years ago. Serial killers should be given the only punishment they deserve and not put by the their prey to be observed for the entertainment of “quacks”.