The Unseen Sea

Iv been to San Francisco quite a few times and feel like i know the city reasonable well, and every time i return home and talk to people about the city and the Bay the first thing i mention is the Fog. The Bay has with out doubt some of the most amazing fog that you could ever imagine, and it is literally like a tidal wave hitting the bay stretching out in land as far as the cool air will allow before the Californian sun burns it away. My mother saw the bay recently and she finally understood why i go on so much about the fog.

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Pizza with an Egg on

After a stressful couple of weeks I took Mrs Monkey out to our favourite Scouse Italian. What you can see there is an empty plate where my favourite pizza with an egg on once lay, no in the bottom of my tummy I feel complete. Roll on the weekend.
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Sunday Roast

First Sunday roast since being back from the States but what makes it even more special is that every thing that is on the plate with exception to the chicken has been grown by myself and Thud. The carrots, parsnips, runner beans and King Edwards even the onion in the gravy all from the veggie patch. Although i say veggie patch it was more like a weed patch when we got to it this weekend, but after a couple of hours labour we finally found our crop.
I got my annual dose of fruit while walking round the garden as the apples, plums, damsons and pears all seem to be coming on nicely and i just cant help but sample as i walk. I do love England even though it was windy and rained most of the day i cant help but be outside looking at nature do what it does best.


Spending the day with family celebrating and getting to know each other, some things we take for granted and some things we let pass by easily. I stopped to think of the poor souls lost 10 years ago to the day and thank my blessings. They will never be forgotten and I'm thankful to all those since that have put their lives forward so that i can be free to live mine.

Home we go

In a couple of hours we will be on our way back to sunny England, which means our epic summer is over. After a christening, wedding, birthday and anniversaries I'm all partied out but we have both had chance to sit back and relax in between all that. Thank God. So its back to England and back to work, yet again Thud and Family OTW have been great hosts and looked after us well with a little help from vinogirl and vinomaker supplying great BBQ and Excellent Wine. We have great memories of this summer to be told for years to come.