Rotavating Stuff

well to say that I spent yesterday morning wasting three hours in a place full of idiots with way to much self importance, bad suits and fake Rolex’s would be an understatement but then that is the world of Liverpool Volkswagen. So to try and cleanse ones soul and put that rather dull experience behind me, thud and I took to a day of hard graft, strenuous manly work, outdoor clean country air and rotavating. Yes it was time to make the fairly modest size veggie patch into a farmers idea of a veggie patch. Thud hired a rotavator identical to the one above which although extremely slow and extremely heavy worked like an oxen. The ground was sodden from the rain the night before which meant the first pass over the grass was tough, breaking through the turf was rather relentless and as we struggled it was paid off later when the second pass became a little easier. It was like a scene from a painting as we struggle with the looming weather on our backs we persevered and the weather stayed fair and the patch was done. If it wasn’t for the sterling work of our trusty oxen then our 4 hours of graft would surely cost us a couple of days of back breaking labour. That evening we sat and ate a workers meal of scouse pie which hit the spot. Now for the planting if the seeds ever show up.

on site banter

When I was an engineer, the best jobs were those out on site with the lads, away from the poisonous (dwarf) foreman’s eyes and left to get on with the job as we seemed fit but mostly enjoying a bit of a joke and good conversation that would mostly be found with a pint in hand. The past few days working over the water at thuds brought back that on site camaraderie but mostly were the conversations that made for a breath of fresh air, nowadays such conversation and humour would find me with the no job and on the front page of the papers. Not to say that what we were talking about was anything which would deserve such treatment but more that working in a profession that is constantly safe guarded and politically correction is madness it allows you only to think in a very small quiet place and hold your opinions close. Surely two sides to every argument should be heard and mostly opinions voiced without judgement or character assassination. Then it got me thinking who are the fascists now?

How things have changed

check this out nearly 30 years on and yellow pages have run out of ideas and gone back to the classics. Love it. this got me musing about how things have change, in that at one time the yellow pages was a common publication in every home and now I’m pretty sure most people leave them out in the rain on the door step until they are so heavy you put your back out throwing it in the recycle bin. The same could be said for phone books and catalogues also something that i remember trailing through as a youngling. Phone apps and the internet have done away with all of that now and maybe for the better, things are a lot more accessible and easier to find but i think it kind of takes the joy out of it. Are things getting too easy?? are we turning into the humans on wall E?..........musing over.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi all you cultural tuned in folk, im starting to enjoy the Chinese new year more so than our english, lets get smashed and smash some ones head style festivity. Now then its year of the rabbit this time which is quite fitting as this year im going to be looking to reduce the population of rabbit as Thud and i start to increase the size of our veggi patch. Fencing worked a little bit last year but more force will be needed this time in the form of a 12 ball.
so Kung Hei Fat Choi carrot chompers!!!