evolution??? nah just freaks

i find the hole transgender and transsexual thing quite disturbing as 98% of people do therefore i leave that freaky shit alone but when you bring children into the equation you have to ask is this right for young children to experience especially when your two dads were once woman and after having the change they become gay for each other and then they go and ask one of their freaky friends to get then now male gender pregnant.
this is disgusting, men don't have baby's,well maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger....no no men don't have babies full stop, these pair of freaks need the kids taken away before they fuck them up anymore... one of them already looks like a serial killer.

i pity the fool!!

yes yes yes, im so looking forward to this i know Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson is no Mr T but this was my favourate show growing up and im sure it will be a fun watch after all it has liam neeson in it as Hanibal.

tarts in heels

So after another wasted journey to work today i have decided to sack it off for the rest of the week, i feel its not worth the journey, effort or money for the incompetence that is our management team to tell me to go home again. Personally i like driving in these conditions; you just have to be sensible and take your time and not get distracted by the utter idiots that occupy the rest of the road. Living in Liverpool there are a few of these but nothing quite matched the three tarts i nearly ran over this evening as the walked up the middle of an icy road wearing huge heels, oh i wanted them to fall... i suppose what they lack in brains they make up in style i guess...

Snow Day

AS the country goes on stand still as yet again britain becomes defeated by snow i get to have a snow day. every year it seems that as soon as we get a light dusting of snow we panic, we run out of grit, people fall over and every man, woman, child and the next door neighbours cat go out for a drive to find themselves piled up into the back of some other tool. well i get a snow day wooo whoo and as far as im concerned let it snow let it snow let it snow.