Obviously nobody matters

After my last post it was only a matter of time before i was proven right.
Firstly parent of the the tragically abused Victoria Climbre have come forward disgusted that this could be allowed happen again. Which in turn has open some new revelations into who was to blame Khyra Ishaq for . When the reality is that we are all to blame, you and me the UK.

Even though these two pair of tits think that its ok, and as they pat each other on the back and say job well done, they release some more vile scum into society.

Hold on didnt one of these nipples use to be Home Secretary??
Yes thats right, and now hes Secretary of State for Justice. Good work Brown.

Does Every Child Matter?

At the beginning of the year I attended a conference on Every Child Matters, a policy that came about in 2000 when the tragic cruelty happened to Victoria Climbre. I had only read about this tragedy around that time, but never really read into what happened and the events that happened before and after the poor girls death.
I was shocked and tried to write a post about how I felt, mostly anger at how this country had failed a child and all those people that were involved and yet did nothing to prevent it. I could not find the words as it upset me alot and so I left it to come back at another time.
At that time I thought that nothing like that could ever happen again as policies were put into action and strict laws were brought in, to ensure that children would not be over looked in this way again. It got to me that it took the horrendous death of an 8 year old to highlight the holes in the system that we had faith in.
But the damage had been done and it was said that it should never happen again, until 2003 when Ian Huntley a school employee and sick pedo abducted two 10 year old girls and murdered them in his house. He lied to the cameras and even went looking for them until he was found out and the government brought in the CRB check compulsory for anyone who would be in contact with children. Again an action that was enforced at the cost of the lives of children.
It saddens me that today's Britain is in such a mess that it cannot look after those who are most precious to it.
This past week we have seen the death of seven-year-old Khyra Ishaq, a girl from Birmingham that was allowed to starve to death. Along with her siblings the child was left with no food while the mother and stepfather stuffed their faces for reason yet unknown, but one theory has been voiced that it was some religious ritual, this has yet to be proven.
The parents are converts to Islam (surprise surprise) the religion of peace, and they kept there children in doors at all times after they were taken out of school by their parents because they claimed the children were being bullied.
Social Services had bee alerted but again failed to follow up the call and check in on the children. This seems very similar to Victoria Climbre.

How can children starve to death in Britain?, the country that constantly helps the third world in their fight against poverty and hunger. We continue to open our doors to help those less fortunate and welcome people into our country and yet we are unable to help and look after our own. One of the children mentioned was not of this country and yet it happened. Surely its a sign that this country is starting to feel the effect of over crowding, the public services can not cope with the increasing population. The police find it hard to work the streets, hospitals are over crowded with a shortage of doctors, social services are incompetent, the schools are in need of updating and the prisons are taking to releasing criminals early due to over crowding.
Yet the fat cats in Westminster continue to pay up for the two houses and extravagant grocery lists and when a child is the subject of some horrendous cruelty they come together and produce some white paper on how to prevent it from happening again. Faith in the system is becoming translucent and doubt that any government new or old can provide confidence into this country that its people the true people of Britain will and can be looked after. When will it be that we will all feel as though someone out there who we pay for is actually doing their jobs right.


Although im so very sorry for the natural disaster that has happened in Burma, i just dont see what it has to do with us, its not part of the EU and its closer to China surely its their problem.
Plus i didnt see them running to help us when we had floods in 2007.

How Embarressing

Last night I caught a glimpse of MADonna at the Radio 1 Big Weekend, now here is a woman hitting 50 who has arms like a man and wears leotards, head lining an event that she doesn't even hang around for after she finishes.
MADonna has had a fantastic career that most female artists could only dream for, but someone really needs to tell this woman that its time to slow down and pack up your kabala worshipping ass and start playing bingo.
Watching her trying to be street and hanging with youngsters was not only cringe worthy but embarrassing to say the least. She really needs to get her priorities straight and spend some time with Lourdes, teaching her about personal grooming instead of grooming the likes of Justin Timberlake.

Venturing out

What a great weekend, yesterday ten bellies and I ventured out with Thud and family to Ness Gardens an absolutely breath taking garden. Currently owned by the University of Liverpool its original owner was Arthur Kilpin Bulley who started the garden in 1898 but after his death it was given to the University by his daughter. This was a great opportunity for Princess OTW to experience some of England's great beauty spots, and as she took her first few steps just the day before we were certain she would love this little adventure outdoors. The weather started out a little muggy but by mid afternoon the sun broke out and the temperature rose generously for this time of year. The fresh air and the fantastic scenery was a blessing and gave a little insight as to why Britain is great compared to the concrete, congested, boarded up shit filled city. On return and the weather still so very warm their was a feeling of the Med and Thud cooked up a great Italian dish with help from Mrs OTW, and with a bottle of Soave we sat on the steps and ate.
Note to Thud, Eating outside is even better when you have a table and chairs.

Today started off well, we met up with family to eat and celebrate birthdays and with Yesterday fresh in mind we headed out to a little city secret.
Allerton Towers is a secret to most of the city scum that rush to parks on hot days with their BBQ's and crates of beer (i was once scum like this, Student life). The Garden is quiet and well maintained with great walls that show their age. The Gardens have some remains of the original house which adds to the character and romance of the park.
As the five of us sat while being entertained by Princess OTW the heavens opened and within seconds the sky had turned grey and thunder was followed by lightening. The dramatic change in weather seemed to amuse the little one as we stood under a tree hoping the rain would ease. Unfortunately this was not to be and while we stood there in our summer attire minus the buggy, the reality became clear that we would have to make a run for it. The fat rain continued to the amuse Princess OTW while we all got absolutely drenched.
All in all a great weekend, family, friends and the great outdoors followed by food and wine. Its a shame Monday comes so quickly.

Summer is here

finally some sign of summer. Its 9:00 pm and im sat outside on the wall of my garden, i have just finished looking over some papers from work and started to work my way through the rest of my work load.
I usually hate to do this kind of work although its a major part of my job, but im more of a practical person and love that side of my job more. However tonight iv actually enjoyed this horrible task as iv been able to enjoy the summer evening. I cut the grass the other day and the garden still smells of fresh grass and the birds fighting over the bugs, its great.
Being in the middle of a city and yet it feels like im sat back in my home town in the sticks i just hope this weather holds for a little longer and we can take a trip out at the weekend.
Plan for a day trip Thud.

Education is an Extra

At a recent Headteachers conference in Liverpool it was said that the 'back to work culture' in the UK is responsible for the neglect of children's education in primary schools.
As the government erg parents back to work after child birth, it is becoming more common that children are been put into childcare at a young age for large periods of time, and this continues into primary school where breakfast clubs are available and parents can drop the children off into school at earlier times. With this in mind and the obvious after school clubs that are pushed onto children it is seen that children only get a short amount of quality time with parents at home before its time for bed.
With the recent controversial pay disputes and strikes by teachers, it seems that teachers are now not only having to add more time to their school timetable but this has a knock on effect as to how much time they have left to do the prep work for lessons. Surely this effects the quality of teaching and life of a teacher as they continue to give up more of their personal time for the sake of the kids.
Im all up for parents getting back to work but should it be at the cost of the children's education? and if parents are working all day, do they have the time or energy to spend with their children in the evening to support home learning?
Beverley Hughes Minister of State for Children, Young People and Families seems to think that this is not the case and that there are only a small minority that abuse these services, although she was present at the conference and the concerns she received from the Headteachers seemed to be water of a ducks back, as her infinite wisdom dismisses the first hand experiences from schools.
In a recent discussion on another blog, it was argued that previous generations had better educations at home than they get now in school. This went on to blame the quality of teachers in school's. I have to say that today's generation of parents have less interest in education and knowledge of the subjects taught in schools, further to this parents have less time to spend with their children or are blatantly less interested and use school as a child minding service while they nip to the pub. As today's generation of parents become younger, so young in fact that they are barely out of education themselves let alone have the real life experiences to cope with parenthood, is it any wonder why education is in disarray. Education can only be effective if the children are getting equal support outside school, parents need to put in just as much effort and interest as teachers to ensure their child's successful education.