miss spent weekend

Had what could have been one of the most enjoyable Saturdays for a while, it was cold working outside digging, planting etc but rewarding to say the least and topped off with a few pints in front of a log burner with pals. great...also a spot of photography.


The new series of Justified started this week, and the first episode hit the spot bang on target. Being English we have the shittest TV known to man, we very rarely make anything worth watching and so looking forward to my US series gives me a reason for having a TV (plus my xbox).

Makes you wanna shoot guns, drink Bourbon, eat fried chicken make moonshine and generally do man stuff all while wearing a cowboy hat............so ill see you at the weekend Thud.


This film not only looks good im sure it will be one of the top films of 2012. What makes it even better is that one of me ex students worked on the special effects. most of which is in the trailer.

Zombie Beetroot

Over at OTW today for a catch up with the kids and family and to play with my new Semi Auto 12g shotgun that Santa dropped off at thuds for me (thanks Family OTW). While we wait to get the clay flinger up and running we did a little target practice and shot off a few shells. Now myself and thud are both highly regarded as some of the most established beetroot growers and from time to time our red creations step out of line and try to take over the patch. So its lock and load and if your a veggie turn away now (in fact get off my site meat eaters only)

Happy New Year

Happy new year one and all, a little late on the post but i spent the past few days in cumbria with family and friends, shut off from my technology i refused to open my laptop and left my mobile in my room. It was great to get away from the very over done new year celebrations and although the weather wasn't the best we got out did some walking and sampled the local country pubs. Of an evening we eat well drank and had great conversation. what more could you ask for? 2011 was a very special year our family got bigger and for tenbellies and i, we got married and will be a major chapter in our lives i cant wait to see what 2012 brings.
Oh and the picture is my Beef Wellington that i cooked and came out better than i could have expected and made for a great new years eve meal.