Big Job Broke Out

And so it begins, I have started today on the overhaul on my BSA, a little earlier than I wanted but seeing as I got a flat on Friday I thought it a better time than any to start. So while I wait for a quote on some new wheels I will take the mudguards and chain guard to work so that I can clean them up and think about re spraying, it’s looking to be a long job as I was thinking of doing it over the summer. It just so happens I acquired a racing frame to which I may build a fixed wheel, but I’m having problems removing the extremely corroded forks but i best keep that one at work or tenbellies may have words to say if i start filling the house with bike parts.

Ding Dong The King is Dead, Hurrah Hurrah!

And thank god, one less pedo in the world and maybe just maybe those poor children of his can start living real ordinary lives. First stop get them down to the Deed Poll and change their bloody names.

Here Puss Puss

I am not or never have been a cat lover, I prefer dogs as you always know where you are with dogs. You know that dogs only think of three things, food, walkies and sticks however with a cat you know there is something vindictive going on behind those piercing eyes. Our garden has regular visitors in the form of two Cats, I didn’t mind this until I found a cat turd next to my flourishing tomatoes and now I feel like liberties have been taken. They constantly come and sit in our window and stare, watching our every move. Then yesterday tenbellies found to her horror a dead mouse on our door step and then later that evening it was followed by an almost dead pigeon. Presents from our peeping Tom’s I think, so it looks like I will have to forgive the turd……… for now.

“Don’t like Brown, he smells of poo!”

“Don’t like Brown, he smells of poo!”
The words of a toddler as we sat watching the D-Day service yesterday, and with innocence comes the truth. The end is surely near for bum boy Brown with his entire party falling to peaces at his feet but in his last attempt to show that he his in control and can do the job he has only shown what a true wanker he really is. And what angers me more is how his reshuffle of the cabinet is more an effort to please the MP’s around him and to punish others rather than to have people in those positions that actually understand and are more than competent to the do the job right. These are the people running our country, greedy, self absorbed and corrupt no wonder celebrities feel they could do the job.

On Ya Bike

At the weekend we talked about possibly changing our car for a new one. Tenbellies is starting a new job in September and will need to commute, so a new car would be nice as she starts to clock up the millage. I on the other hand only tend to use the car at weekends and fully enjoy riding my bike to work (with the addition of jumping on a train or two); my bike pictured above was given to me by a friend and is a BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) bicycle. It’s an old bike as you can tell but rides like a dream and holds with it plenty of character and loads of history. Besides building Motorcycles and weapons (a great mix) BSA developed the bicycle for military use during WW1, they made fold up bikes for snipers to carry on their backs while taking out the enemy. Over the next few months I will start to restore it adding some of the original features that seem to have been lost through its hard life.