8 days ago jack was just a ctu agent with a shady background of black ops now he surly is a mere fraction of the man he once was. is 24 one of the greatest series i have ever watched or ever been on TV? does it rank up there with the wire and the sopranos? i think so and a teary eyed ten bellies thinks so too as we just watched jack leave our screens forever (well untill the movie). pure action and the occastional rag head getting a slapping is good tv in my eyes and jack bauer gives better than most. check out the vid its worth the watch. so long jack.

Goodbye Gordon Brown

Today is a great day for England and the United Kingdom.

Bye Bye Bummer Brown.

the country that hung itself

now it gets interesting.

times up

Election day tomorrow and quite frankly thank god it couldn’t have come any sooner. for various reasons but the main two being that i cant wait to see the back of that twisted hateful Scotsman who’s party has destroyed our country and two, to see the end of what has been the most dullest election one has ever seen.
neither party has given me hope for the future, truth is far from any of their lips and i fear that who ever takes the seat may only do little before screwing it up just as bad. So what do i do?....well i don’t want brown in again so I’m certain on that, clegg is just a complete knob that wants us to pull down our pants and bend over for the likes of Iran and china and with Cameron i worry for my job.

Little bit distracted

It’s a busy time of year for me right now in work, we have final major projects and exhibitions looming. the current election has done very little to get me excited and as Thursday is almost upon us I’m still struggling to vote for any of the wannabe saviours, i suppose ill have to pick the best of a bad bunch. What has kept me entertained these past few weeks is the construction of a nest by a couple of Blue Tits, and this weekend they graced us with 7 lovely little eggs which are snug under the female. Our clever IT guys set up a live camera in a bird box and ever since iv made regular visits to the page to have a nose. It's great watching these little love birds build a home and start a family, its seems so simple and care free un aware of the coming grey political cloud that seems to be heading this way.