Who's the black guy blocking the view?

How funny, it really doesn’t take much for people to lose concentration or just find something more interesting to look at. Hmm what must this say about the President of The United States, i think your time is up Mr...... what was his name again???

pose next to the dead war hero

I have a friend who is as left as i am right in a manner of speaking, our differences always fuels a good argument and conversation and i often feel lucky to have this as i feel it keeps me balanced on many issues. Quite recently the day of remembrance past and as usual i wore a poppy, i turn to my friend and ask why he doesn’t wear a poppy? And although he recognises and respects those that gave their life, his grandfather for one was war hero. he turns and says that the poppy was being abused and used for media and war glorification. I found it hard to hear this and after a good hour of discussion we both respected our points and had a cup of tea.
Then i read this, in a time when our troops are out there fighting a political battle and losing their lives all for so these two idiots can battle it out on who looks more solemn next to the dead war hero. They make me sick and the pair have disrespect the fallen and the country that nether one deserves to lead.


I just have to show this for those visitors that pop over here from the US, now this dress was worn on the red carpet to the Emmy’s. The Obomber dress as i call it is probably the most vile, disgusting thing i have ever seen and surely career suicide for this young wanna be. And i thought of our brit girls had bad taste.

Which got me thinking........


Where is Blair??

So Tony Blair didn’t get the job of President of the EU because they didn’t want anyone upstaging the leaders of the combining countries.... Hmmm so basically they saw him as more of a global celebrity and for the mess he left his own country in and thought maybe he is suited a little more for the jungle. I’m sure that has given bummer brown a warm fuzzy feeling inside but my real question is what exactly will this president do?? Is he more of chairman of sorts or secretary because i get the feeling that some leaders in Europe don’t have a lot of faith in this move. Ah well at least we have a Brit in the mix even if no one has heard of her.

blown away

It been a seriously busy week for monkey, after being off for a couple of weeks and then to deal with a mountain of paper work and two very late nights of open evenings i have had little time for a note or two. But like the calm after the storm i reflect on a week and for the first time its blue skies and dry. British winters seem to get less like winter and more like an apocalyptic scene from a movie not so much cold but very dark and very wet, Christmas is fast upon us and i hope that maybe we get to see some of the white stuff.

Do we remember them?

The last month or so the little turd burglar above has been in the papers for...well its quite clear why in the picture, when I saw this like most decent people in this country I was horrified and just being drunk doesn’t cut it as an excuse, then again what dose? Then today I read an article in the paper about how it’s becoming even more common for war memorials to be vandalised not mindlessly though as it takes some shit bag to think ill paint a swastika on a war memorial.

This week I haven’t really been well so I have only been out the house a couple of times, the main reason really to get myself a poppy, however believe it or not at a time when I thought they would be outside every major shop they were nowhere to be seen. Eventually I had to get mine from school. Tomorrow will be Remembrance Day in my home town and I had hoped to be there as this year I felt that it’s important that we all show our gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives in the past and more recently. Do we show enough compassion for our armed services? And our fallen? I think not empty words from bummer Brown after trust lead to a massacre, public’s resentment to our armed services and literally pissing on the graves of our heroes. The shit bag above may face jail but really is that the right punishment, why not educate the little scrot and all those that will follow in the name of facebook and bebo. Let’s bring back National Service let’s put them next to those that fight so that they can play.

Whoa...wheres the fire?

True to form the weather was wet and a little cold for the fireworks but there was one major thing missing, the bonfire. Its funny because nobody seemed to notice or should i say mention it but i thought that the fire was one of the most major parts of Guy Fawkes Night. Is it because the times are changing and it’s become less about the history and the story and more about the firework show. I felt a little cheated really, next year be sure that i will be building the biggest of fires with the ugliest guy to stick on top. I did however make some fantastic bonfire toffee and cinder toffee for the evening and just to keep the damp chill out a small snifter which complemented extremely well.

bommie night

Tenbellies and i are just getting over a mild case of food poisoning after i made some oatcakes with what seems to be dodgy sausages. But feeling better we hope to be off to watch the fireworks at tomorrow nights bommie night. loved Guy Fawkes night growing up, cold nights out with friends and getting hold of some fireworks where we would misuse them in various ways in the park late at night these were just a few of my memories but the best has to be drinking Bovril all wrapped up with my face red from standing too close to the fire and making the all too common noises after each exploding fire work......oooooooo......aaahhhhhh.........wwwwooooooowwwww. I think ill have to have a go at making Thuds toffee mmmmmm.