Happy St Georges Day

Yet again after weeks of pointless publicity from religious leaders pushing for a St Georges celebration it seems to have passed without even a whisper, and still people have a guilty feeling in wanting to to say Happy St Georges Day....... Well not me, I'm proud of St George and therefore Happy St Georges Day one and all.

The Wire

I will be the first to say that British TV is probably the worst to grace our personal space and that TV Licensing should be thrown out with the labour government, however its seems that someone somewhere may have got something a little right. The past few weeks BBC 2 have been showing The Wire, this US cop drama is the best that I have ever seen and even though I watched its complete series months ago I can help but watch it all again. The best part is that its been on every night of the week and looks to continue as it starts another series, so if you yet to watch this awesome show catch the next series in a couple of weeks it well worth the watch. Here is a classic scene with McNulty and Bunk.

Wack Jacko

Did any one find a little weird that the auction of Wacko Jacko’s possessions mostly contain life sized sculptures of children, and not just a few but we are talking hundreds. Hmmmm not sure but I think he has a thing about kiddies…… so who bought tickets to the show then???