strike strike strike!!

lazy times by monqey
lazy times, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

errrrrr not really, as much as i understand that it’s going to be crap working till I’m 65 having a miserable pension and being paid a not so great wage for the enormous hours we both put in, i am also young enough to make changes in my life to compensate. Too many people look to the past for answers for modern day problems and it’s this that is more often than not the cause of future problems. I opted out of the union a few months ago when i came to my senses; being bullied and scared into joining a union from when I was a student reminds me of films such as goodfellas and protection rackets. Taking money off me each month to keep union bosses in pork pies and flat caps and after attending my very first union meeting and being stuck in room full of people I despise I realized then this was not for me. And it was not something I was brought to believe in especially when our union boss Christine Blower takes a pay rise straight after telling us that our pay will not rise, her pay would pay for 4 new teachers and 4 teaching assistants. Something is not quite right there but hey that’s unions and they come hand in hand with corruption and back hand deals.
Today I will have the day of work and why not, ill put my feet up go out for lunch and enjoy myself with tenbellies but not out of protest more out of my selfish need to take a day off.

slight relief

potato by monqey
potato, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

After the past three or four weeks I’m more than ready to take a break. The weekends are my relief and coming over the water to spend time in the garden usually on the veggie patch is kind of therapeutic in weeding out the stress of work. The veggies are coming on well and the potatoes as you can see are full and flowering. Thud says we have planted them a little too close together and I’m starting to think he is right, its like one huge potato bush but it promises a fine yield. Getting outside is important to me as I think good English fresh air is good for the soul and mind, although the weather doesn’t bother me as much as others I would like a bit more sun and some of the veggies could do with it too.

home brew

home brew by monqey
home brew, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

After a reasonable attempt at making elderberry wine last year i have decicded to give elderflower champagne a go (not supposed to call it champagne though). The edlderberry came out reasonable well and got slightly more alcoholic as time went on, the plum wine that i did off the cuff turned out to be rocket fuel and undrinkable so im sure to give that one a miss this year. Anyway the elderflower is sure on its way and unlike the the berry the flower smells alot nicer and less intrusive to have in the house. Thud and i will be making an attempt at cider this year once we return from our hols so there will be plenty of the home brew floating about come christmas. the recipe for the the elderflower champagne is below which i got off the internet, i wanted to use the simplest method as this was what i did for the berry.

•35 elderflower heads – pick the ones with the strongest scent
•2.5kg granulated sugar
•2 proper tablespoons of white wine vinegar
•5 litres boiling water & some cold water
•Juice and grated skin (zest) of 5 lemons – unwaxed if possible
•Juice and grated skin (zest) of 1 lime – also unwaxed

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i dont blog about technology very often but because of my job a regularly read several design sites, some daily to keep myself on the ball and my mind fresh with new concepts and ideas. working with students you find that they are very much about whats new and what come out in the future so its important to try and be on the same wave length even if i do listen music older than them and smell of old spice.
reading through one of the sites today i dropped on this little gem, as it seems as smartphones are the way forward these days, all the kids have them, i have one and the internet is even more accessable. mobile devices are becoming even more compatible with everyday life and i can see how they could easily do away with thing we take for granted like cash and keys.
what is a little unrealistic in the video is this device being compatible with such tech like Apple, apple only likes apple.

Rimino - A Human Touch on Mobile Experience from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.

hope theres enough water in that kettle

As i have said before its busy busy right now but yesterday we (the cool gang) took time out during the day to go and have lunch up by the ship canal. the weather was good, nice and hot so sitting on the jetti with our sarnies we made a small fire and had tea. im lucky in my job to on rare occassions get times like these (the boss was away on this day) and we make the most of it afer an hour or so it was back to the hectic asylum that is my job. five more weeks to go and away it is for the summer.

Choo Choo

20110609-_DSC0229.jpg by monqey
20110609-_DSC0229.jpg, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

Its back to the train for me as a regular lift to work is moving from a very convienient next door to chester. As much as i enjoy getting a lift to work and it saves alot of hassle and money i kind of like the train journey too. Im not really a huge morning person and i often just need to sit in my own little bubble until i get to work where i have to be socialble as soon as i walk through the door, i like to sit on the train and feel i dont have to speak to anyone or listen to anyone and that can make a huge difference to my day, its just unfortunate that i have to pay extra for these simple things.


20110531-_DSC0090.jpg by monqey
20110531-_DSC0090.jpg, a photo by monqey on Flickr.

im dreaming of my holidays, 7 weeks from now flying to the states for a life changing summer. i just have to get through the next few weeks with work and everyone around me getting ill. my only rest bite has been getting out doors when the weather has been good enough as it takes the stress away and lets me think. although having two goes a cutting the grass this afternoon was my idea of stress relief......bloody rain.

Britain's got talent?

nope, its all with this guy