feeding your nose with other peoples money

well what a weekend, i can honestly say it will one I'm willing to never experience again. when you work with alot of different personalities you find yourself being friends with the most of unlikely people and that great. these are the friends that you learn so much from about many things that you would go out and learn on your own. you also experience times with them during in and out of work that go down in your mental memory as being some of the best times.
however out of all these people there are always going to be the one that you wish you never met or wish you didn't have to work with. the person that when you start makes you feel welcome but late on you find out to be a complete arse that make you want to kick yourself for saying good things about.
i have a part time job in a busy shop, it great. the boss can be a complete idiot that just doesn't think when he opens his mouth and yet you find him to be a very good friend with a good heart and the staff are all up for it, loads of banter and just know bitchiness. well there didn't use to be.
apart from the boss and the subject of this rant who i will call Daniella. i am the longest serving employee, which you may think iv done some time in this shop but you would be wrong, you see iv only worked there for just under a year and the turn over of staff is huge.
Daniella is a nice fella, well use to be i think because i cant see a nasty bone in him i just see this messed up lad that wont admit to his wrong doing. you see Daniella as you may have guessed by his name likes the smell of the white powder and he likes so much that he sniffs alot, sniffs until his pockets are empty and then until his account is empty.
I'm not a stranger to drugs and I'm not a stranger to this particular drug, i would say iv experienced the effect but iv also experienced the destruction of drugs. from my mid teenage years i have always been aware of drugs and i come from a little backward town where you would least expect it but by the time i was 18 id had my hand in the cookie jar and had quite a few sugar rushes. friends and people i knew fell victim to the sweet taste, some worst than others and I'm sorry to say one of my oldest friends died a few years back from it.
it not just the addiction that effects people but its the personality change that effects the people around them, deceit, lies, deviousness are in there but hidden behind the face of the person you think you know. and you will only find out this when is to late because you don't want to believe that this is happening.
Daniella has worked for the company for a very long time and i would go as far to say been given the respect by all that has work with him past and present. hes worked with the boss side by side all this time opening new shops and celebrating success. Daniella was known at one time to the boss's right hand and if he wasn't around Daniella would be the one to talk to. this would be a position that could have held a very good career.
the past four months have been busy opening new shops getting more staff in, training and ensuring the shops run like clockwork has been stressful. as a part timer i have put in alot of time and found myself very involved in it all which i have enjoyed but had to get back to my original goal.
the stress took its toll on the boss and other staff but four months on we pulled through and the shop works well but not with out casualties. too many parties and late nights has taken its toll on Daniella and nights out and parties were happening every night, and as the nights went on the taste got sweeter but the price got bigger and then it happened......... money went missing from tills, the final weeks take, petty cash and floats. money had been lent from staff and friends even people he bearly knew with a promise to pay them next day, 'just come in the shop tomorrow ill sort you out, iv just left my card at home'.
it was time tell the boss other people were putting money back in the till because they had used the till that day, it must be their mistake because there is an element of trust in this shop so it must be a mistake, wrong change not paying attention.
but how do you tell the boss that his right hand man, the person hes work with for such a long time had been taking the money, dipping in the take to feed his nose, the mangers had tried to but shyed away from this again, and i knew that someone was going to let him get away with it and put the money back.
i accused Daniella at the end of the day in front of one manager, give him some dignity the staff all knew it was him and what was going on but this needed to be done in private away from the staff. i accused and he denied but of course he would, lie come second nature but he will trip up so i carried on as his face went white and he tried to to deny it more but i could not listen to the babbling lies and i could not go back on what id said i believed in what id said and was standing by it then comes the other part of the reaction, aggression. Daniella squared up to me, hes about the same size as me which isn't very big so that didn't phase me or stop me it had to be said and he needed to hear it. it was done and id started to walk away from him, let him leave the shop don't search him just let him go it was out of our hands now and it was left to the boss to deal with it.
for the rest of this weekend iv felt guilty and unsure on what iv accused Daniella of, was i right to do it. id already come to the conclusion that i had gone about it in the wrong way but i am standing by what iv said and my accusation.

handing in the mother of all projects.

since late last December the thought of completing my final year project has been hanging over me like a big grey cloud with the occasional beam of light piercing through as i get a little idea of what i wanted to do, and a year later it completed, handed in and presented in the best way i know how.
the thing that gets me about all this, the big hand in day when that massive piece of work you have sweated, cryed argued and laughed over is submitted well there is nothing after, its just a massive anti climax. yeah the relief of handing it in and not having to look at it again but this is something that you have poured your heart into and at the end of it your sick to the back teeth with and lost all interest.
i suppose I'm like one of the typical males women talk about, the kind that can only do one thing at once, not in the way that i cant change channel and scratch myself at the same time because i have that down to an art but in the way that when i look at something and concentrate i forget or neglect other things.
iv been lucky that my partner as understood the work that i have had to put in and so she has had to endure many of a night sat there watching me click away on my laptop or sketch in my pad. my boss is less understanding as iv not gone into work over the last week and also forgot to ring him to say so.
but my biggest fault is that although this was a large piece of work and major mark to my degree i have in turn neglected my other studies which brings my to a question, what the best way to blag a deadline???
i have a maths assignment due in today at 5pm i have to go to work at 1:30pm until 6pm to try and salvage my part time job, so how do i get round this?
you may be think why is he typing this crap when he could be trying to get this assignment done and handed in before work. but the truth is i know it wont happen and I'm better risking handing it in late with some feeble excuse.
excuse or lie??? that brings me back to what i was saying before. lying and why do people do it. is this going to be one of those lies that are bad or the one that will get away with and is it like the one that irritated most of all, the one about drinking my juice!

why lie?

why is it that my closest friends that i have lived with for the last three years just lie and over something so silly.
i suppose we all lie now and then but when dose it cross the line at what point, i mean its obvious that if you lie about something like stealing money or sleeping with someone then this is obviously wrong, however when you lie about drinking someones juice is this the same or is it acceptable.
ive lied in the past and i suppose i will in the future at some point. we all lie at some point during the day, lets take it when someone you hardly know asks you 'how you are'? and you reply fine thanks, when really your pissed off because you boss wont give time off. thats a lie and yet we do that so easily.
what i cant understand is why lie about something like juice and not feel bad that you have lied to a friend, this baffels me.
my partner made it very clear to me when we first got together that if i was ever to lie to her then it would be over, she said this would be the foundations of our trust. so i said 'ok babe i wont lie but you need to understand that if you ask me something that you dont want to hear then you have to deal with it'.
i started to be very honest with my partner and told her everything, this was something that i have never done before in any other relationship. this has to me made me feel closer to her and its made the relationship solid. what im saying here is not that you should go away and tell your partner everything because you my find that they cant handle the truth, but just be very selective in what you say. and dont lie!

The first of many

so i was told the best way to try and de-stress was to write down all the things that are at the very front of my mind at present.
well its Wednesday I'm sat in uni two days away from handing in my final year project and a maths essay, 2 hours before i have to sit an oral exam telling some jumped up under payed lecture that i found all their lectures interesting and that i have learnt so much from their ever increasing wisdom. yeah right!!
and yet the one thing I'm thinking about is who the hell drank my juice two days ago!!
you see being a student you like the little luxuries and you all so go through phases of liking thing. well at the minute mine is fresh orange juice, the one with all the bits in. yum.
so i buy a huge carton that would last at least a week. the first couple of days i get up have a shower, get dressed and before rushing out of the house to get to a lecture that i will be late for, i have medium glass of fresh cold orange juice. perfection!
after the first two days i found myself running late and so missed my glass of fresh cold orange juice, however it was still there in the back of my mind thinking about having it when i returned home. this was not to be, as after thinking about it i thought 'its a breakfast drink and ill save it for then'.
three days went by without my juice and like some dessert quenching thirst the thought was still there. on the Sunday i had one of those parties that you always look forward to going to all year tell those who you work with that its 'gonna be a great night, gonna get bladderd' and yet when your there its just crap and you just get alittle drunk so not to say anything to your boss, who is a complete arse at times. yeah you guessed it the WORKS XMAS PARTY.
so iv been to that it was great, i got drunk, got away with out saying anything that i shouldn't and unlike past works parties i came away with my relationship in one piece.
and now the morning after, having drank red wine all night i had a mouth like ghandis flip flop, like the bright light shining through my blinds i had the thought, an image of a glass a medium glass full of fresh cold orange juice. putting one leg out of the bed and the cold running up through under the covers sending me to sink back into my warm bed. but my mouth was dry and i knew it would be worth it, so i made the move i got up and walked to the kitchen, why we need a fridge during these cold months ill never know because i felt cold like never before in that kitchen.
i opened the fridge and there it stood my extra large carton of fresh cold orange juice my medium sized glass at the ready, images running through my mind, my mouth getting even dryer as my mouth was to be part of this evil act of theft.
the carton is empty!!!!!!!!
it in the fridge but its empty!!!!!!
after two glasses of fresh cold orange juice its now in the fridge and very empty!!!!!!
now I'm not being funny but you live with people for 3 years and you get an element of respect and trust, and when asked 'who drank my juice'??
all you get is...... ' not me, i don't like juice, i have my own juice'!!!!