Urban Exploring

a week ago i had my first go at urban exploring, a few friends and i darted out early morning and headed to a disused hospital in denbigh. The north wales Hospital closed in 1995 and has become run down and derelict since, the hospital is huge way bigger than i thought but such beautiful buildings that stands out and dominates the hill side. Amongst locals for many years the old Gothic institution has been referred to simply as 'Denbigh Mental'. A small stripped chapel lies to the back of the site behind the maintenance shops and boiler house which was added to the site in 1862. Various interesting and experimental treatments were tested and developed at Denbigh over the course of its history.
Time hasn’t been kind to the buildings and arson attack has pretty much sealed its fate as its way past repair and in today’s climate way too expensive to do anything with other than tear it down, it will be sad to see it go as its seems they have already started to take some parts down. it was great fun just walking around this huge empty building and taking a few snaps, now i just need to find my next little adventure.

On a lighter note

This weekend Thud and i planted the first of the potatoes and turned over our rather large patch, as you can see from the pics it was back breaking stuff but the weather was great and no better way to spend the weekend than outside. Yep the seedlings are coming on strong and the toms and sweetcorn are potted and in the greenhouse. we ended the day with a nice cool beer and a bommie which sort of completed what felt like a long weekend. I love being outside especially when england produces great weather in the awome country side.

kiss my ass

i haven’t wrote about politics lately as it always seems to go with me ranting about the left and i end up swearing and going mad. it’s been something that i wanted to move away from but unfortunately it will always be there and there will always be something that will make me swear and go mad. When David Cameron and his rabble got in i hoped that they would start to fix some of the damage that our friends of the left created, i knew it would be tough and i knew that we would all have to pay. after all we had it good but it was all on borrowed money and like we all know when you use your credit card you got to pay it back, some people do it over time some all at once but somewhere you will need to give up your luxuries. so we have cuts and big cuts they seem to be, they will hurt some where other won’t even notice but as much as this is the case i feel ok about it, i love my country and if this fixes it then we should all take one for the team as they say.
this is the part where i get pissed off......now we are all aware that in the news we may have to pay in to helping Portugal get through their hard times something im not happy about but think its blown up a little in the media. No, its the 650 million we are giving to Pakistan for their education bill, 650 million that we don’t have, that we could use on our own education, or community, public services or more importantly our armed services. when we have been spending 12 million a day helping the likes of Libya, a place i couldn’t give a shit about we then go and give 650 million to Pakistan without the slightest raised eyebrow in the media. And for this David Cameron you can kiss my ass, and kiss it good but only if you can pull it down from the chief curry muncher's dirty backside.

Now can someone tell me why?