If its a girl......

If it was a girl it would have 2 million eggs in its own ovaries right now, she would only be the size of a Peach!! its crazy to think how the body forms and even at this very early stage its preparing it to create more life. I don't have a preference on boy or girl at this point as its not important it just blows my mind that there is all these things going on that we cant see or even have a choice in. The baby make the decisions at this point before it hands over the reins in 27 weeks.

A New Chapter

This blog has seen a few new things come and go since starting it back in 2008, taking a year away from blogging and concentrating on other things is always good and knowing you can always return to add a new aspect or chapter is refreshing.
Well there couldn't be a better way to start of this new chapter by introducing little baby Monkey, expected around Christmas I met him/her toady at 1:30pm. She/he jumped around wiggled and showed it was full of life making the whole experience on see the baby for the first time so much more special. Well done my Tenbellies.