28 days to go

before i dropped family OTW at the airport yesterday thud and i went for a little drive to collect some wine for Vinogirl and Vinomaker. while driving down the pleasant country lanes we got to thinking about the oncoming trip to the US. Tenbellies and i will be joing them in 4 weeks and count down has begun, its been two years since we last visited California and we both loved every minute of it and we are very excited to get our long awaited break. so until then here are just a few things that we are looking forward too.
firstly it has to be In and Out Burger ahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, this is without doubt the most amazing fast food joint you could ever come upon. when they say fresh they mean it, the meat still has a pulse when they pop it on the grill and the the fries are cut right in front of you as you order them from something that our Burger bars don't really use its called a potato. The Americans have a little bit of a bad rep concerning food and burgers but everything and i mean everything is wiped the moment you eat one of these fine gourmet burgers. Tenbellies is seriously considering have these for our wedding meal and i may let her. so it is now 28 days until we can order.

bikes for sheep??!

this is not what i had in mind when i bought this bike off the back of a scrap van but i kind of like the end result in some creative way. my original intention was to restore this but after a week of taking it apart and blasting the rust off the components i found that it would need too much money thrown at it to make it usable. Never mind, it was adopted by a student for the final art project and after a few balls of wool this was the outcome. hmmmm yep.

tenbellies says its terrifying

Photos from the weekend

i love the country, the cows make me smile and i like old wooden farm gates.

england 1 usa 1

just a typical england game im afraid lets hope they wake up and quick.

scary tree

after spending a very productive weekend over the water thud and i sat in the courtyard watching goldfinch, blue tit and eventually greenfinch drop down a feed off two of the feeders the lad had placed on the buildings. getting use to my works camera i took a few snaps but after some minor adjustments the quality will get better in time. the only photo to really make an impression was the pic above, i took this a few weeks back on my way to work on a random country lane. Princess OTW loves to look at this pic and asks me about the tree all the time, and even though she calls it the scary tree she cant help but look at him. funny the little ones.


there are not many occasions that i will approve the bbc, but springwatch this year is awesome. they have live webcams on a Kestrel Box with four chicks. i have just spent the last 25 minutes watching the mother bring a small mammal maybe a rat into the nest and strip it for the young. the beautiful colour of the mother is so clear its just absolutely breath taking. and to think the bbc can make such great tv with what is natural and yet make utter shite like the newly styled eastenders.

helping hand

Nature can be so cruel sometimes but then that’s the way god intended it some would say, and I kind of believe that. For the past month or so I and many others have been watching the life around us unfold and begin. Watching goldfinches feed, wag tails nest in peculiar places and blue tits lays eggs. We have waited in anticipation for a family of ducks to appear only to see they disappear within the blink of an eye. It’s hard but its nature and even though upsetting at times it’s a beautiful thing.
today I experienced a prime example, a nest of blue tits seem to have fledged too early and dropped out of the tree, running around the pavement in disbelief and anxious to get back up to the nest I almost squashed them. As some tried to climb and I must say they looked like they would make it, it would only be a matter of time before the local cat would find them. with mum and dad flying around up top in a fluster I gave the little fellas a chance and lifted them as high as I possible could but not before taking a couple of snaps. Hopefully they made it; it would be nice to think so.