Congratulations Tenbellies

Tenbellies started her new job today, so I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations and good luck you will make a great teacher and will without doubt take up drinking very soon. Well-done I'm so proud to be ya fella.

Carlton Fixie

I have had the bike finished now for just over a week and it rides like a dream. One or two teething problems at first but nothing a few spanners couldn't fix. As you can see it very much stripped down compared to a standard road bike, the big difference is that it has no brakes this is controlled by your legs and the drive. I am looking at putting a front brake on as a fail safe having had some hairy moments already when going down hill.

So I have tried to keep as much original parts as possible, the forks, drive wheel chain and pedals, the head set and the seat post. I bought new wheels; handlebars and my Brooks B17 saddle which a got at a great price. The paint didn’t come out as I had expected but it’s grown on me and even though I was wary of the decals I really like them now as they give an impression that the original bike is not lost. I have had a bit a stick from friends for the bike and various things but building this has been great fun and I’m already starting to look to my next project as this will not really be suitable once winter really sets in. The BSA is going to be a lot different and although it will be fixed I am looking at a coaster brake hub for the rear wheel and going all out on a new paint job.


I have never felt as sickened as I do right now. I have no words except I feel for the two poor victims and their family. Where dose it go so wrong that society breeds pure evil?