Any old iron

Unfortunately i may be in tenbellies bad books as it seems i have another bike clogging up her shoe room. The other day i came across this fine little number on the back of a scrap wagon, now you may say i should have left it there but behind that rust is a fine ladies vintage bike im not sure on make or year as there are no markings i can see as of yet. The rod brakes always intrigue me but i also found that it was fixed gear too, the frame is in excellent condition and it just so happens i have some spare wheels with a sturmey archer hub that will fit nicely. Im going to see if i can restore the brake system before hunting for a replacement, i think after a lick of paint and a little tlc it with be a beautiful bike as it once was ready to serve a beautiful lady. Watch this space.

im a lumberjack and im ....

This half term I have been helping out the workies over the water while thud and family is off sunning it in Napa (grrrrhmmmphhhip), anyway its not like we haven’t had any sun with the temp hitting 18c in late Oct. They call it an Indian summer; well they can keep it i want the cold and frost! So i have been busy levelling floor boards, ripping out fireplaces, putting up ceilings and of course making the tea. However the most fun has to be doing a bit of pruning lumberjack style. It was time to drop a few of the smaller trees that have been damaged in the past and to start and open up the pond that is totally overgrown. The wood will be chopped up and dried so that family OTW have fuel for the winter, now that they have gone all eco. Choice of equipment a chain saw (grrrrr), an axe (grrr) and elbow grease (phew).

HMS Illustrious

I had a rather busy weekend that seemed to rush by and before i knew it i gained an hour and Monday was here, lucky for me its half term. The HMS Illustrious was in dock at Liverpool this weekend so another leisurely walk down to the dock for tenbellies and i. It was a good day they filled the pier head with helicopters and displays for the public they even put on a small air show dropping marines out of Merlin helicopters to small ribs on a very choppy River Mersey, no sign of the Harriers though which was a little disappointing. As a child i use to love seeing the forces out on display, seeing the stalls and holding the rifles, something’s never change. As usual tenbellies made a bee line for the ration tent where after a vigorous tasting found the standard issue ration packets most delightful.

nick griffin leader of the retards

Watching question time tonight sees Nick Griffin of the BNP make his debut. Oh dear this guy really is retarded beyond all help. In fact i really do believe that the dodgy eye that he has was surely a result of when his mother dropped him on his head. The guy denies direct quotes and video footage of himself and laughs, claps and agrees with those that attack him. I really have never seen a guy contradict himself so much. Further to this i found it most enjoyable when the audience agreed that the only reason the bnp has recognition today is because of the disastrous job the current government have done, and again Nick Griffin nods, laughs and agrees. What a RETARD. I think we can all sleep sound tonight knowing these idiots will never gain enough power to turn the lights on and continue to live in the dark ages. I have to say that this was probably the most entertaining thing i have seen on the bbc in a long time.

sloe gin

at the weekend i visited thuds new castle to check that work was in progress while the man is away sunning it up in the US of A. we had planned to produce some cider from the many trees in the grounds but time has not been in our favour and we didn't get round to it what with ripping down walls and building fires. Anyway most of the apples were gone and the few that were left went into a rather lovely apple pie (still too tart for tenbellies), there were however lots a sloe berries ready for the picking and so i decided to have a go at some sloe gin. with a bit of luck thud and i may have a little tipple for Christmas or new year, that is if i made it right.

An Evening Stroll

Liverpool at night, now that the nights are drawing in the city is lit up quite beautifully, especially tonight as the city was visited by the Queen Mary 2. Tenbellies and i decided to go eat out at our favourite little dining spot and then take a leisurely walk down onto the front to see this grand vessel all lit up in the autumn night. its just a shame our camera wasn't up to much.

fish fingers and chips

after a melancholy day at work there is nothing better to come home to a simple meal that always hits the spot and puts a smile on my face. Fish fingers and chips have to be one of England's favourites, as a young lad i would strip all the bread crumbs off first and then dip my fish into the red sauce. now a little older i wrap them in bread and butter and devour.hmmmmm tenbellies makes the best chips!

pass me a ladder

I decided to give the blog a make over this week as i have found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself and post. I feel like i hit a wall and trying to get over it has been a struggle. I enjoy blogging and have plenty to blog about. So im hoping that an new look and a change in direction may keep it going just a little bit longer.