A Touch Of Paint

A few weeks back I started to fix up my BSA but in the process I was given an old battered Carlton racing frame that I planned to convert into a fixed wheel. Well the BSA took the back seat and I got totally sucked in to this little fixie project. Scouring ebay for parts and stripping the frame right down so that I could re spray. Well I finished the spraying this week and it now stands for a couple of weeks for the paint to completely harden. It’s important to me that I try and keep as much of the original parts as possible so I left the original brass tag on the head and also had the idea to keep the existing decals that were worn and scratched. I have not done this before so everything is an experiment and so far I am happy with paint finish but im unsure about the colour as this is not the colour on the tin and the remaining decals have not given the desired effect I was looking for. The forks look great and these I found on ebay exactly the same as the originals which I had to cut off because some bright spark had used a fixing (ironic) agent on the stem.

The Fruits of Mother Nature

Well as you can see its been very busy down on monkey farm, the tomatoes are thriving, chillies are in flower and the corn is …… well just looking like corn for now. I started to feed the tomatoes today and will continue until they start to turn but I just need the summer to hold out otherwise monkey will have to make a makes shift greenhouse.

Unfortunately not all things are rosy on the farm, it seems that my ignorance to the great British climate and the choice of vine seems to have back fired and my poor vine, now situated in the window is in a deep coma. Not to worry this will be one of the first to go in the greenhouse when Thud moves….. Come on Thud vines, wines, and plenty of fruit is a waiting.

Ed Balls is a Wanker

The recent attempt to claw back some credibility for our Labour government is for Ed Balls AKA Wanker to draw up a white paper on the reform of Schools and Teaching. Reading about this as angered me in some many ways and not because teachers will be getting regular checks because on this I do agree but the complete nonsense this tit is chatting.
5 Year MOT?? What?? I was under the impression the every 3 to 5 years a school was inspected by Ofsted in which the whole school and teachers are assessed and highly scrutinised not to mention schools should be having regular in staff observations as part of development. Surely the Wankers new idea will just creates more work and stress for Teachers. Oh and money.
One to One tuition for failing students and possible legal action by parents? Hmm what a way to convince people to teach, surely there will have to be an increase in staff especially in those schools in more deprived areas as these children who are below average will need a tutor each to ensure they get their entitlement. Again this will cost more money.
Punishing state school for not wanting to merge with other school and losing there identity, which in some cases has taken decades to accomplish, this is the cheapest shot. To have one super head to lead a chain of schools like some sort of fast food joint is absolute disgrace. My personnel experience of modern ambitious heads is that they become completely out of touch with teaching and run the schools as business and not an educational institute. And with Labours current record of running the country they will surely run our education system as well as our children’s future even further into the shit. With a greater cost to our taxes.
To finish, what gives this Wanker the qualification apart from winning a seat and then pushed into a position that he really didn’t want to write about a profession that he knows nothing about and has no connection with apart his own personal experiences as a child. We really may as well ask any member of the public to come and have a go at being an educationalist or run the countries education system. There is no secret in the fact that he never wanted the job and in the last reshuffle he wanted the chancellors job only to smack back down by Bummer Boy Brown, this alone doesn’t hold much faith. This whole white paper is a lame justification to raise taxes more to cover their fuck ups and in the process pull teachers through the dirt in a half arsed attempt to try a straighten a dwindling society. What a Wanker!