Turning the big 30 this week and my lovely wife dropped a great surprise on me last Sunday. She took me away to Rome for a few days, a place that i have always wanted to go and it without doubt held nothing back and lived up to my expectations. The city is not ruined by modern architecture or mindless initiatives. Its kept in time and all the buildings are the same and go together like a finely composed painting. Everywhere you look there is some sort of hidden detail, craftsmanship and pride. Its a beautiful city and I'm really lucky to have seen it with my own eyes. In complete contrast i then went to Glasgow which there are no pictures off as of fear of getting my camera robbed by a smackhead. It was entertaining and to be fair people were polite, a comedy club and a Celtic game (pretty much the same thing really) helped.

she's a Waterfall

Yesterday the Stone Roses announced their getting back together, never actually seeing them perform when they were together this has made me very excited and will definitely be looking for tickets to go see them. I just hope they don't fall out in the mean time.

Chocolate Fondant

Watching a cooking program at the weekend gave me the urge to have ago at making a chocolate fondant. For no real reason apart from it being kind of tricky. So tonight after tea i threw together the ingredients and voila it only bloody worked. it tasted like chocolate heaven very rich and in desperate need of ice cream.....i forgot that part but still its the thought that counts and for once Mrs Monkey actually liked my desert.

Laser Cutter

Today I took delivery of our brand new laser cutter/engraver. Its a beast of a machine, in fact its quite a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be and the original place it was going to go has had to be changed but never mind its bloody awesome. I will be spending the week playing around and getting use to its capabilities and generally lasering anything I can get my hands on. I love getting new toys me.