oh really!!

I’ve read that there is a new substitute to petrol being developed and should be on our forecourts in the next 3 to 5 years, its hydrogen based and will cost around 60p a litre after the government have taken their share. Now there are a few things that are passing through mind on this subject the first being are these huge oil companies really going to let a bunch of scientist under cut them with this new product especially when they seem to make so much money out of petrol. Two; is the government going to let this happen and be so cheap after they make so much money out of petrol. Three; hydrogen is the waste material of nuclear power stations; would this then pave the way for new nuclear power programs? and my last thought is that it could just be a red herring diverting you from the fact you getting robbed at the petrol station and therefore giving some sort of hope that its going to be short lived.

Am I being cynical?

A rat at number 10

Apparently there is a rat at downing street.......hmmm ironic?

dew drops a plenty

when working outside in the garden its common practice to have your dew drop in full flow on the tip of your nose. In most English country gardens it is found among the die hard gardeners who go out in all weathers, this phenomenon is not snot or sweat but a peculiar fluid that appears on the end of your nose as if by magic and no amount of wiping or blowing with get rid of it. The past couple of weekends myself and thud have well and truly hit the garden again digging, cutting, planting trees. holly, hawthorn and plenty other fine shrubs. its great to be outdoors i love it and in true monkey form i was found hanging in rather large apple tree giving it a slight hair cut today, its going to get rather busy outside in the next couple of months as thuds castle nears completion.

Happy new year

A belated happy new year one and all, we have had a pretty good time in 2010 despite what people say 2010 was good for me and most people I know. Too many people are glad to see that back of a year when reality is it will always be with you. This new year I get married and family gets bigger in more ways than one, bring it on is what I say and good will to all.
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