Close up shop

I have walked past it many times often stopping to look in the dirty window at the items gathering dust and the labels fading with time. It seemed like the chandlers on lark lane had been locked in time, the owner just closed up shop and never came back. Yesterday while passing I noticed the door open and the shop being emptied, I was told the gentleman owner had passed away after being ill for some time. After talking for some time with the daughter I asked if I could take some photos before it was all gone. It will be a shame to see the shop disappear and become something else but I suppose time moves on even in those places where it seems to stand still.

buzy bee

It’s been a little grey the past few days with rain and wind making it unpleasant, so a few snaps from Thuds garden should brighten it up. I’ve been so busy the past few weeks and it’s only going to increase as students finish their projects and I plan for 70 plus exhibitions ranging from photography through to fine art installations followed by planning for next year, organizing spending and stock for the department and a major building refit that will go on over the summer. This has made me a little touchy in work and quite sick of hearing my name. I’m lucky that tenbellies is a lot more organized even though her job is way harder than mine she has to put up with looking after me and overseeing our wedding. Definitely got a keeper here.

Obama got the hump

I seriously spat tea over the rug when i saw this on the news today, its bloody hilarious. its the noise it makes, and the noise of the griver filling his shorts.

back on target

as mentioned in Thuds post we have had a rather busy day, a quick trip out to do a little barge board spotting and then on to the veggie patch to get the slightly over due seedlings in. it was overcast most of the day but quite warm with a drizzle of rain. it was hard graft but rewarding to see the patch starting to take shape, the hard part as thud says is to keep the critters away.........well i assure you they may have a couple of weeks of thuds kind heartedness but I'm not so forgiving watch out little bunnies i have you in my sight!

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New skills

When I said to the guys at the tyre garage to throw the new wheel in the boot and the missus can change it over when I get back, they thought I was joking. However, true to my word tenbellies was out in the rain 10 minutes later learning a new skill and changing a spare. Good effort, though she just need to build those muscles up as lifting the spare out was a slight problem, none of them space saver pieces of crap in my car.

memories of last summer

sorting through my pics of late i found some great snaps from the classic car show in Napa last summer. with flights all booked and august racing towards us i cant wait to get out there again with our ever growing family.

Victory in Europe

it’s funny how time fly’s, with the year we are having things just keep motoring on with new additions and a wedding in sight it feels that the year is going so fast and the little things get forgotten.
yesterday and today we celebrate Victory in Europe day, the surrender of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s third Reich, with the recent elimination of Osama bin bag it’s a good feeling that our armed forces and allies still strive to keep us safe and free.

osama bin and gone

This is a great day, one for the history books. may he rot at the bottom of the ocean (personally id have thrown him to the dogs). i hope this gives closure to those in need.