Paddy and Murphy

Back in 2006 Michael Stone was arrested as he tried to storm Stormont where Sinn Fein Leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness were meeting. Stone a loyalist was arrested for attempted murder as he was carrying a nail bomb.

In court this week his defence said he was attempting to create a performance to display his objections to the meeting and the nail bomb was merely a symbol as well as the pipe bombs, three knives, an axe, a garotte and an imitation firearm.

Is this some kind of new Irish Jig that is on the scene?

But what gets me more is that the courts had to get a professional Performing arts expert in to study the idea and declare that it was not a Performance. No Shit!!

History and a Sandwich

Posting has been short of late, Laptop problems and a trip back to the sticks where my Stepfather still wont let me connect my laptop to his wireless. Tosser!
Anyway thought id put this on the blog as its such a good watch and reminds me that Britain can get some things right, Bread.

Kneel Infidel

I wonder why teachers and schools get bad press and then i read this. I find it so hard to believe in the education system when there are such idiots in the field and although i have just started out i have met a few already.
It is importnat to teach children about the different religions out there and how these work and fit into our society, god knows there are enough of them and some are getting bigger. But i found this really disturbing, and it seriously disregards the human rights of these children. How are the parents going to trust schools when they punish them for not praying to Mo.

Alsager High seems to have the worst deputy head teacher who responded with,

"It's difficult to know at the moment whether this was part of the curriculum or
not. I am not an RE teacher, I am an English teacher."
Try opening the National curriculum and finding out, i guarantee it says nothing about forcing pupils to prey.

Sir Noel "Enoch Powell" Edumnds

Although a little late, i thought i would give a post to the Brilliance that is Noel Edmunds. Yes this man not only gave us great Saturday night TV and Mr blobby and in the past week he has become my favourite celeb. Noel has basically told the TV licence to bugger off and done the job of our government by saying out loud that this country can not take any more, The bus is full!!

So thank you Noel in standing up and actually saying the obvious and showing backbone.

Shake it baby!!

I find this bloody insalting, what right does the council have to do this? I think the country is fully aware of the saying "all in moderation" and the last time i checked we had the right to make our own decisions but this is taking the bloody piss.

News of this has hit the area badly and i believe the idea to cut back on pork scratchings could seriously tip the edge.

Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment

I spent alot of time today sitting in traffic and trying to get around town for various reasons, however instead of becoming agitated by this it was made enjoyable by the members of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. They had been awarded Freedom Roll of Association and Institutions, which allowed them to march through the city with drums beating, colours flying and bayonets fixed. And so they did. As i sat in the car it was a great sight to see our army marching through the city and people waving flags, clapping and cheering. We really should see more of this when these guys are out there everyday fighting to rid the earth of the scum that wishes to destroy it. It was a shame though as nothing had been advertised, well at least anything noticeable and many people missed the great sight.

It takes the piss when a bloody great spider made by some tree hugging arty farty frog get more attention and advertisement than our own service men and woman. Capital of Culture?? awards and parades like this should be the pride of the city.

Brown bums Obomber

If things couldn't get any worse for our closet Prime Minister it seems his campaign team are clutching at straws for popularity, and jumping onto the Obomber band wagon is the only way. It seems an article signed off by Bummer Brown has come out endorsing and praising Obomber without a mention of McCain.

What gets me is that we have a Prime Minister who was not elected by the public into this job and yet speaks for a nation when he backs this Muslim hugging , white hating, radical Obomber. It seems Brown really needs to get his house in order if they are sending out articles of this nature because i for one would rather Barack Hussein Obama did not gain presidential power of the United States of America.

Just to be sure on that.

The dark ages

My god its so damn depressing, the weather is shit and there is nothing to do, well go to work i hear you say and yet i wait for that phone call that will take at least another week. In the pat week i think we have left the house 2 maybe 3 times, the weather has been awful raining every day, sometimes all day other on and off. But what i find mostly depressing is that its so dark, where is the sun where is the light, it feels like winter so bloody dark all the time.

Where is the motivation to do anything? it has to come from somewhere but really when the day is as dark and grey as this i find it hard just getting out of bed. Life in England sucks!!

Wrap up its gonna be a hard winter!

When we returned from the US we found a small package left upon our post box, this was not gift from my many muslim readers but a gift from the power companies. A box of energy saving light bulbs. A small sign that prices will surely go up this winter as these have been given out every where i believe.

Next week will see Gordon "Its lonely on this sinking ship" Brown unveil his plans to help with soaring energy cost but i have real doubt as to anything this clown says or expects will happen. Giving millions of vouchers to families on benefits and pensioners may help them this winter and thats a "MAY" help, but for the long term this will surely do nothing to help, where does this money come from? and what happens when the money runs out?

Its time for our Government to stand up for its people, Labour was established around unions and standing up for the working class and yet it seems things have changed and the very people who made them what they are are now losing confidence. It will be something to see those people turn from red to blue this winter, in every aspect.

No Frakking way!!!!

I have just started watching Battlestar Galactica season 4, and wow have you seen the likeness going on here.

Check out this site for all you BSG/McCain fans.
Thanks Presurfer for finding the website.

Robocop Justice

And so Jacqui Smith strikes again as a letter was leaked over the weekend concerning the rise in crime during our imminent recession. This is blatantly obvious as you can understand as consumables and the cost of living in third world Britain becomes more expensive . But then surely our ever growing police force will be there to protect us, you would think but yet again they let you down in most subtle of ways like a text message. The couple who reported a burglar and got a text message saying they didn't have time to call round and recommended they try and catch the scum bag them selves. Hmmm what are we paying them for? obviously text message skills.

Another think tank has come up with the idea that we are too reliant on our police force where only 4 out of 10 of us Britain's would step in on antisocial behaviour, yes and what? this is not our job, the government has taken away alot of the rights for a person to defend their property and the themselves that the public not only live in fear of being attacked by the criminal but also the legal system. Is there any wonder when all we hear is that our children are carrying knives and guns, killing each other day after day for no reason, and the government want us to get involved when they clearly cant manage. Lets remember Gary Newlove when he stepped in on JUST kids and more recently David Thomas who only just got away.

I love juice, oh really!

I recently put feedjit on my page to see who was coming and going, its an interesting widget to have and after Thud had used i followed suit. Anyway its interesting to find how people find your site, alot of the time people come from other sites or pop the name into google, however some people may be looking for other things and my site comes up. Just like the guy in France who typed in "liquid love juice" and got me!!

hahaha liquid love juice!