ball and chain

A couple of days ago my beautiful tenbellies agreed to marry me which made monkey a very happy chimp, its a rather big step for me as it is for any man but im rather looking forward to it. Our families get bigger and festive periods like these become more fun. i set tenbellies two guide lines for the wedding, it has to be within two years and cheap, now watch as the chaos unfolds..

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all, a little late i know but i have just returned from spending Christmas back home where you can see there was plenty of snow and lots of fun to be had. the food was excellent and so was the drink gifts and laughter was shared by all. my childish ways may have taken us sledging but watching the young ones open there prezzies in excitement was much more fun.

if its not broke..

some movies should never be remade or messed about with, such great films like the godfather, lord of the rings, bullit and the karate kid. But some people just cant help the selves even if it is to launch their child’s career. it seem the karate kid has been remastered but i was unaware it needed doing, some how i cant see the oh so wacky jacki chan will ever meet the standard of pat morita. And the story of a Italian American becoming a karate champion is a way better than a hard up brother from the hud. I mean a black guy against the odds becomes the victor.....hmmm heard that one before.

drinks and songs

Well i break up tomorrow for crimbo, well almost and small trip into work monday but its a more of a show ya face order than a do any work thing. so im out for a few bevvies tomorrow night and im sure i will hear this tune more than twice, i have to say i dont mind though as this is another one of those that transports me back to my youth and gets me alittle excited about christmas.

Dont Stop Believing

I keep finding myself listening to Journey's Dont Stop Believing, the first time i heard this was in the very last scene of the sopranos that i finished watching earlier this year. i absolutely love what they did with the last scene dose tony get whacked? dose AJ get rid of that ridiculous facial hair? and will meadow ever learn to park? i am gutted to hear that simon cowell may use this song for his new x factor winner, they will undoubtedly ruin the song, i just hope people download the original in stead of some regurgitated mess that his freak show will produce.

Merry Christmas From Liverpool

Just caught this on the One Show and had to place it on the blog, just because i love the scouse humour and second wouldnt it be great if this was christmas number 1 an not the X factor. im sure my american scouser will be cringing at the sight of it....

light it ip

So tenbellies got the tree out last night and started wrapping prezzies, Christmas for sure is upon us and my job in between shooting afghans on the xbox was to get the lights working. Think i made a good job of it in the end.....

bums on the photocopier

Its that time of year again when the office, workshop or site go on their Christmas do’s, lots of ale and a meal and a few choice words to those that just had it coming. It was ours tonight but for me i chose not to go for various reasons, i find the organisation and being told where to sit for a meal you have to pay for is school like. Eyes that lock onto you as you order a third pint and then the awkward horrible moment when everyone works out to the penny how much they owe. Makes me cringe.
I look forward to a few pints with friends over Christmas some who i work with and others not but im pretty sure it will plenty more enjoyable than the school Christmas meal.

i got wood

There is definitely something special about working with wood, i am an engineer by trade and that has really seen me use metals rather than wood but since taking on a rather different career path i get to play with all kinds of materials but mostly wood. Out of all the different kinds it has to be the kings of woods that i love to handle, Oak gives such a wonderful aroma when working with it, it makes you not want to stop. Its grain, strength and finish is renowned and has a wide range of uses. For me though it has to be the smell i cant help but sniff the wood during cutting it reminds me of my favourite wine and even when its finished and in place it continues to remind you of its presence as it changes and grows in character.

Im stunned

Is this the future of parenting? Calling for backup and stunning your 10 year old child for not cleaning her room or going to bed. Hmmm i wonder if i could get away with using this at work....anyway what made me giggle about this story was that the officer got fired after the incident, and not for the stunning the child but for not turning on the camera before stunning the 10 year old. The fellas back at the station were gutted that they could watch the video or claim their $200 from kids do the funniest things.

stay frosty

This morning was the first frost of the winter and i absolutely loved it, it was fresh, clear and biting and when i got to work the field was white and crisp. Not the weather to go riding my bike though as slick tyres and no brakes don’t really mix well with the ice. I hope we can keep this gorgeous weather for a while before blighty resumes to its usual form of pissing it down.