Grow Your Own

While Tenbellies is slaving away in the shop and then off for Sunday cocktails with the girls I decided to have a go at growing my own Tomatoes, oh and some chillies for good measure. The country seems to have gone “Grow Your Own” mad and why not the crunch seems to have gripped many and to save a bob or two the satisfaction and effort has to be worth it and besides the can take our taxes but they can’t take our fruit and veg. Now I eagerly await my grape vine which will sit along side, grow my beauties grow.


I had a little chuckle to my self today on the train, which I find really hard what with MP’s ripping us off and Her Majesty being snubbed from the D-Day celebration for Obomber. Yes I came across Devenish – Phibbs in the Metro, I found his website and thought it some light hearted fun. But then I thought what with so many MP’s falling from benches, I wonder what sign they would leave behind.

“Here sat Margaret Moran Devenish - Phibbs MP, she felt it her duty to clear
this bench from Dry Rot only to redistribute it through her mouth, a politician,
a dedicated servant and tea leaf.”
1997 - 2009

Welcome to the world

I dedicate this post to Family OTW and their new addition to the family. Congratulations and well done Mrs OTW, a family full of princesses I'm sure the grey hair will start to appear as Thud is truly out numbered. Not to worry Monkey is here for back up, I feel utterly privileged to have been the sixth person to meet Baby OTW as she came into the world and wish you all the best.

See you soon Baby OTW

Italian scouse

I spent the evenin with thud and family, what with vinogirl over from napa we indulged in two very nice bottles of wine and a traditional scouse dish with an Italian twist. A great match for the wine and the company was great as always.
oh and this was a mobile post, i love technology but not as much as juice!!

Its a shit job

Life is hard when your job is to be a complete and utter cretin, not only do you have to try and ignore the fact your party are a bunch of thieving politicians you also have to give the family work that fits character. In the case of the Browns, cleaning toilets no wonder they are full of shit!
My word stress is taking its toll!!

MADonna strikes again

Occasionally I will watch a little junk TV and occasionally it will be the crap known as Waterloo Road, this being a drama mildly related to my profession. Now the fact this program is complete bollocks and in the real world all the characters would be sacked within a heart beat is beside the point but a story line where a self righteous young lady buys a baby from Rwanda to give it a better life in this country just makes it more like television diarrhoea. Her excuse… well we don’t know what its like for that child and it should be given a better future, a better opportunity which then brings me to the insane MADonna where its seems its allowed to happen in real life. Yet again she seems to be after another little brown baby because she seems to think she could give it a better future what with all her wealth (meaning money that its). Money can buy children many things to put smiles on their cute little faces but what money can’t buy are the very things MADonna seems to be very poor with. Countless marriages and men in and out of her bed and splashed all over the papers, her children jetted across the world to be with family at a minutes notice, where is the stability, the morals and self respect and more importantly where is the selfless love that you give your children? The woman is a disgrace and as role model to young ladies and even celebrities such as Britney Spears I prey and hope the judge does all that is possible to keep this woman away from any more children Including her latest flavour of the month which seems to be only just out of short trousers.

Moving out, moving in.

Phew it’s been a mad few weeks, birthdays, weddings, decorating, car problems and moving house. But now that it’s all done we finally get to sit and relax for what seems to be a very fast moving bank holiday weekend. So Tenbellies and I moved into our second home last weekend and even though our new place is bigger lighter and all in all a palace compared to our last apartment I will surely miss the old place and especially at this time a year when every thing is waking up and having a fresh start which I fitting to quite a lot of what’s been going on. The pictures above are from the old garden, we have been very lucky Tenbellies and I to be able to live in an awesome place we have great land lords. Any way Id better get outside and nab some of the good weather we are having, I wonder if we can get the new garden into similar shape as the last, fruit trees!!!!!

Oh yeah welcome back to blighty Vinogirl I do hope you brought some Californian sun in a bottle with you, see you tomorrow.