yosemite falls by monqey
The Picture above is of Bridelveil Fall in theYosemite Valley. Mrs Monkey and i took the long drive back to Walnut Creek from our Honeymoon in Malibu, up the through 178 on to the 395 passing by the sierrras and then acrosss west on the 120 through Yosemite. An epic drive it was and even though we only had a couple of hours in yosemite ( no where near enough time to experience the beauty of yosemite) we got to see sights that will stick in our memories forever. This is such a beautiful country and so very large it kind of upsets me knowing that i will never see all of it in my life time but i will do my very best in seeing the most possible.


Thud said...

Lots of trips in satore for the future...toddlers and all.