Edwin Land

Today would be Edwin Land's birthday, he would be 103 years of age. The reason why i am writing a post on this guy is that he is one on the most inventive and well known pioneers in the world of Photography. Why? well his discoveries of polarisation lead to him developing the instant photography that we all know and love. Despite the high cost when Polaroid first came out (and still today) there was high demand and anyone who was anyone had one. To take away the process of giving your film in to develop the instant picture was born and easy for everyone to use. It was said that this invention was the ipod of its day and Edwin the Steve Jobs with his eye for detail and cut throat business style. Ironically, Edwin Land was an idol to Steve Jobs and some say that the iconic graphic colours that signify Polaroid was later used the early Apple logo.

Today his early cameras are sort after and used by photography enthusiasts, i too have one and debated selling it because of the high prices people will pay for it, but then i think about how iconic this camera is and realise keeping hold of a bit of history is much more important.


Thud said...

Keep it!

Vinogirl said...

Your customisation of this camera is fab!

Jenefer Maron said...

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